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Xperiencify is the only course platform that builds7 powerful psychological triggers into your course!

Engage more students, reduce drop outs & refunds, create 10-30X more repeat buyers!

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Psst...Have you heard the "dirty secret" of the online education industry?

Here it is... Only 3% of people ever open, complete or get results from the online trainings and courses they buy.

This means a whopping 97% of people aren't getting the results you've promised them, which means they'll never buy from you again.

But just to be clear, the problem isn't you -- the problem is how we're still taught to teach online.

While the science shows that humans simply can't cope with large amounts of information — we're quickly overwhelmed, will disengage & drop out — the online education industry is "in love" with information as it's ever been.

And that's why most training programs & online courses have a ~3% student success rate.

Hi. I'm Marisa Murgatroyd

I teach course creators how to create online training and products that customers love to buy and use.

In fact, I developed an entire methodology called "Experiencification", an amazingly powerful combination of ideas & techniques from the fields of gamification, adult learning psychology and the app, game and gambling industries.

And when used correctly, 10-30 TIMES more students will be ethically addicted to your course, will take action, complete it and get the results they pay you for, which leads too a drove of repeat customers.

And as of today, more than 4,500 successful course makers have used my Experiencification techniques to help their students succeed and grow their education, training and coaching businesses.

But no membership site platform has ever been able to breathe life into my ideas

Nothing came close to doing what I imagined was possible.

I mean, all membership site software allows you to do is upload course content then drip it out on a schedule. And maybe -- if you're really lucky, add a quiz, but it's still boring AF for students... no wonder 97% of students are being left behind!

So my team and I decided to build our own membership site technology... and now we're ready to share it with the course creators who "get it" -- those who yearn for the tools to create amazing online experiences for their students.

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Meet Xperiencify

the only course creation software that embeds 7 powerful psychological triggers into your course to increase student engagement & retention by 10-30X.

The biggest difference between Xperiencify and other course software platforms is the Experiencification we've built in:
7 powerful psychological triggers

These triggers help you create a life-changing experience for your students. The first time we tested these triggers in one of our programs, 92% of our students completed the full course and accomplished the goal of the program.

No, that's not a typo. This is a 3000% increase over the industry average of students completing the program. And that's not all… our refunds dropped by over ten times and we saw a huge spike in our revenue.

The 100 Student Comparison

Let's compare the benefits with Xperiencify and without when 100 students enroll on a course.



Without Xperiencify


Course Completion
Only 3% of students complete (or get results from) information-based training


That completion rate amounts to just 3 students per 100


Future Earnings
A small amount in exchange for all your hard work of attracting 100 paying customers



Without Xperiencify


Course Completion
On average, 10-30X more students will complete your course on Xperiencify


That completion rate amounts to 30 students per 100 (Or more in most cases)


Future Earnings
You'll see a (conservative) 10X increase in repeat sales when you use Xperiencify

That's a 10 times increase in revenue… just for using Xperiencify's tools to build your course. Again, in our experience, most people's actual results are even better.

Here's how we do it…


Xperiencify's "Variable Rewards" hook students so they keep coming back for more

The research says that the most addictive part of social media, gambling and gaming isn't winning, it's something called "Variable Rewards". Basically, the unexpected stuff.

It lights up the brain's pleasure center and keeps users coming back for more. That's why it's so hard for people to put down their phones, or step away from the slot machine.

If you're doing any kind of online education, you're directly competing with these forces -- and let me tell you -- they're not messing around. That's why we've studied and learned from them, building in the persuasive psychological trigger of Variable Rewards into Xperiencify.

We've made it possible to hide unexpected bonuses and rewards throughout your course to hook students and reward them with...


Xperiencify helps get your students into action, and KEEP them in action...

Xperiencify makes it easy to recognize and reward your students every time they complete a task or reach a milestone with features like:

The result of all these rewards is a powerful connection between your students and the content they watch or read to get the next “cha-ching."

And the cumulative effect of all the cha-chings -- it's a kind of momentum that's hard to stop.

"I have bought more courses than I care to admit over the years. Some I would finish, most I wouldn't. There was never any doubt from that first "cha-ching" that I would finish EPM. This is not just the next shiny object, it's an immersive course that engages you, encourage you and helps make sure if you'll put in just a little bit of effort it will get it you across the finish line."



Xperiencify keeps your student focused on what's important...

According to the Harvard Business Review, students who set specific goals around finishing your course are up to 10 times more likely to get results.

That's why we built tools into Xperiencify to help you take advantage of the powerful psychological trigger of visualization.

When you assign them course goals, assign points and give them milestones to achieve within the membership site -- your students will accomplish more. We've made it easy to do that in every course you create.

As students reach monetary targets or implement the ideas in your course, you can reward them with points, access to additional content, or give them other premiums to reinforce learning habits and build momentum.

"I'm in a course on Xperiencify that I won earlier this year in an online challenge, and I'm in another membership course on Kajabi that I got as a trade for editing a book.

Even though both courses are excellent quality material, Xperiencify really does activate the brain in totally different ways, and it did help me move through the course and complete it - and enjoy the process."



Inspire your students to act fast and get more done with built-in countdown timers

Time's almost up! Psychologists tell us that some people need urgency to take action.

According to the American Psychological Association, a full 20% of the population are chronic procrastinators who put off taking action in all areas of their life.

That's why we've built in urgency-building features like custom countdowns to encourage students to take action and consume your content within the timeframe of your program.

Simple countdown timers help students to focus and take the action they need to take, and when you add them, you'll be amazed at how much more will get done.

The Power of
Stacking the Triggers

While any one of the triggers I've mentioned above will have a pretty decent positive impact on your student experience & engagement. Here's the even cooler part! When stacked, they work together to have an even stronger, exponential growth effect on your results.

That's why we regularly see a 10-30X increase in student completion rates across the board.

It's not magic -- just psychology.

The Power of Stacking the Triggers


is the booster pack that sends it all into orbit by creating an environment where everybody feels seen, heard, understood and valued. Suddenly, you're the best teacher they ever had.


turns your course into a fun experience that feels more like a video game than boring education. From that context, students can tap into their "inner child" flow state from which learning becomes effortless.


this trigger pours fuel on the fire for more students.

Trigger #4 (Urgency)

injects a little adrenalin, tightening muscles and prepares the brain to learn something new. Which means that they'll have more success with the action they're taking, and feel better about their chances of success.


puts a vivid picture in their heads, which triggers more action, because what we focus on, we start to move towards, thus increasing the overall effectiveness of all the triggers.


Get them into action, and feeling really good about it. Which increases the effectiveness of trigger 1.


Increases student attention.

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