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Xperiencify is the only course platform that builds 7 powerful psychological triggers into your course!

Engage more students, reduce drop outs & refunds, create 10-30X more repeat buyers!

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Psst...Have you heard the "dirty secret" of the online education industry?

Here it is... Only 3% of people ever open, complete or get results from the online trainings and courses they buy.

This means a whopping 97% of people aren't getting the results you've promised them, which means they'll never buy from you again.

But just to be clear, the problem isn't you -- the problem is how we're still taught to teach online.

While the science shows that humans simply can't cope with large amounts of information — we're quickly overwhelmed, will disengage & drop out — the online education industry is "in love" with information as it's ever been.

And that's why most training programs & online courses have a ~3% student success rate.

Hi. I'm Marisa Murgatroyd

I teach course creators how to create online training and products that customers love to buy and use.

In fact, I developed an entire methodology called "Experiencification", an amazingly powerful combination of ideas & techniques from the fields of gamification, adult learning psychology and the app, game and gambling industries.

And when used correctly, 10-30 TIMES more students will be ethically addicted to your course, will take action, complete it and get the results they pay you for, which leads too a drove of repeat customers.

And as of today, more than 4,500 successful course makers have used my Experiencification techniques to help their students succeed and grow their education, training and coaching businesses.

But no membership site platform has ever been able to breathe life into my ideas

Nothing came close to doing what I imagined was possible.

I mean, all membership site software allows you to do is upload course content then drip it out on a schedule. And maybe -- if you're really lucky, add a quiz, but it's still boring AF for students... no wonder 97% of students are being left behind!

So my team and I decided to build our own membership site technology... and now we're ready to share it with the course creators who "get it" -- those who yearn for the tools to create amazing online experiences for their students.

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Meet Xperiencify

the only course creation software that embeds 7 powerful psychological triggers into your course to increase student engagement & retention by 10-30X.

The biggest difference between Xperiencify and other course software platforms is the Experiencification we've built in:
7 powerful psychological triggers

These triggers help you create a life-changing experience for your students. The first time we tested these triggers in one of our programs, 92% of our students completed the full course and accomplished the goal of the program.

No, that's not a typo. This is a 3000% increase over the industry average of students completing the program. And that's not all… our refunds dropped by over ten times and we saw a huge spike in our revenue.

The 100 Student Comparison

Let's compare the benefits with Xperiencify and without when 100 students enroll on a course.



Without Xperiencify


Course Completion
Only 3% of students complete (or get results from) information-based training


That completion rate amounts to just 3 students per 100


Future Earnings
A small amount in exchange for all your hard work of attracting 100 paying customers



With Xperiencify


Course Completion
On average, 10-30X more students will complete your course on Xperiencify


That completion rate amounts to 30 students per 100 (Or more in most cases)


Future Earnings
You'll see a (conservative) 10X increase in repeat sales when you use Xperiencify

That's a 10 times increase in revenue… just for using Xperiencify's tools to build your course. Again, in our experience, most people's actual results are even better.

Here's how we do it…


Inspire your students to act fast and get more done with built-in countdown timers

Time's almost up! Psychologists tell us that some people need urgency to take action.

According to the American Psychological Association, a full 20% of the population are chronic procrastinators who put off taking action in all areas of their life.

That's why we've built in urgency-building features like custom countdowns to encourage students to take action and consume your content within the timeframe of your program.

Simple countdown timers help students to focus and take the action they need to take, and when you add them, you'll be amazed at how much more will get done.


70% of People Are Highly Competitive, But Most Online Training Platforms Make Us Feel Isolated

Humans are social creatures -- and most online training is an isolating, depressing experience. It's no wonder that an average of just 3% of people stick with it.

Live Leaderboards

Add a leaderboard to your program so that students see how they measure up compared to others.

Taking action and seeing yourself rise in the rankings is one way to turn a potentially isolating experience into an engaging, exciting experience.

And 70% of us just love to see our name in lights. 🙂

"Live Simulation" mode

Evergreen programs and courses that accept new students all year 'round are all the rage now, but when it's not live, it's easy for students to feel "alone".

Our exclusive "Live Mode" allows you to simulate all the excitement of a live program cohort -- we offer "live mode" leaderboards and commenting, so that students feel like they're sprinting with a group, even if students are months or even years apart.

“I saw experiencification working on me. I loved that."

"I think the most interesting and dramatic thing in my case is how incredibly well the experiencification worked on me. I SAW it working on me and I loved that. I didn't mind that I felt kind of addicted to it -- as addictions go, this seemed like a reasonably healthy one."



Watch the Excitement Grow as Students Tell You "I can't wait to see what's coming next..."

Most course platforms are predictable as hell *yawn*, and unintentionally send students away to look for more "fun" things to do.

In contrast, Xperiencify helps you maximize and optimize for student engagement and excitement with our 7 innovative ways to release course content.

You're in total control of how your students see and experience your course, and you're able to create powerful anticipation and curiosity for what's coming next, which leads to huge engagement, action & profit! Here's how Xperiencify's unique content release options compare to other platforms:

Content Release Type: Created with Lunacy Xperiencify Created with Lunacy The Others
Immediate Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
Dripped (X days after joining) Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
Specific date (Eg: Monday, 27th January) Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
Specific days after joining (Eg: Drip content each Thursday, no matter which day a person joins) Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
After the previous module/training is completed (Keeps students focused only the next step so they don't get overwhelmed) Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
Only after a target amount of points earned (Allows you to reward student effort) Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
Automatically release bonus content when student takes any action (finishes the course, completes module or goal, etc.) Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy

No other course platform gives you this level of control over your content, student pacing, engagement, and how students receive and experience your content.


Only Xperiencify includes state-of-the-art tools designed to help you make students feel seen, recognized & significant

Everyone wants to matter -- to be significant. So it should come as no surprise to learn that one of the big reasons so many courses and online programs fail is that they can make students feel invisible, like a "number". And this causes people to emotionally disengage so they can find what they need elsewhere.

That's why Xperiencify helps you to automatically connect with each student in the most meaningful way possible.

"Red Light" Monitoring

97% of students abandon traditional courses. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Our "Red Light" system watches for students who haven't logged in or engaged with your course over a certain time period (it's 100% configurable) -- and automatically reaches out on your behalf to encourage them to come back.

We'll send automated emails, SMS, voicemails, whatever you want. Plus, it connects to Zapier too, so you can have another tool or platform take any action you wish. (Powerful!)

A super-effective way to show your students that they matter to you. Most of the time, a simple gesture can save them cancelling, refunding, or just disappearing from your business altogether, which costs you money and can damage your reputation.

"Green Light" Monitoring

This system helps you reinforce the behavior you want to see more of in your students.

Recognize them as they take action, send them messages of congratulations, and automatically post shoutouts on your social media channels and groups.

This encourages those students to begin taking even more action, and encourages others as well. After all, we all want to be recognized and appreciated. It's just been impossible to do before Xperiencify.

"Hey Brendon, we're super-impressed by your progress in the "Start With You" course. Keep it up!"

The Power of
Stacking the Triggers

While any one of the triggers I've mentioned above will have a pretty decent positive impact on your student experience & engagement. Here's the even cooler part! When stacked, they work together to have an even stronger, exponential growth effect on your results.

That's why we regularly see a 10-30X increase in student completion rates across the board.

It's not magic -- just psychology.

The Power of Stacking the Triggers


is the booster pack that sends it all into orbit by creating an environment where everybody feels seen, heard, understood and valued. Suddenly, you're the best teacher they ever had.


turns your course into a fun experience that feels more like a video game than boring education. From that context, students can tap into their "inner child" flow state from which learning becomes effortless.


this trigger pours fuel on the fire for more students.

Trigger #4 (Urgency)

injects a little adrenalin, tightening muscles and prepares the brain to learn something new. Which means that they'll have more success with the action they're taking, and feel better about their chances of success.


puts a vivid picture in their heads, which triggers more action, because what we focus on, we start to move towards, thus increasing the overall effectiveness of all the triggers.


Get them into action, and feeling really good about it. Which increases the effectiveness of trigger 1.


Increases student attention.

With Xperiencify you don't build courses. You create a totally unique course experience for your students. And change lives.

You won't pay until you publish your course.

Xperiencify isn't only about engaging your students. It includes a ton of useful tools for course creators too.

We've spent more than 4 years thinking about how to make course content more fun… more engaging… and more effective for your students.But we haven't forgotten about you -- the course creator.

Xperiencify includes all of the back-end tools you expect, like...

A management portal loaded with tools that put you in complete control of the student experience.

Xperiencify's back-end tools help you create and upload content, interact with your students, identify and fix customer service issues, reset passwords, and more—everything you need to care for your students.

And if you ever experience a problem, you have unlimited email access to our support team. We're here to help you succeed.

Connect your customer data, email, payment processor and more to Xperiencify with Zapier integrations.

Need to share data from Xperiencify with your customer management system, email provider, or payment processor?

Integration with Zapier is built-in and included from day one. Use it to tag members in your CMS, send automated emails at designated times during your course, record payments and much, much more.

All the gamification tools you need.
One incredible low price.

Unlike many course platforms, we haven't stripped basic functionality out of the platform to create a low-priced, entry-level version or added features you don't need to create a high-priced enterprise version for even more. Instead, you get Xperiencify with everything listed here for one low price -- from just $49 a month.

But here's the thing…

We're working on adding even more powerful features designed to gamify your content and make participation in your courses almost impossible to resist. And when we do, the price will definitely go up.

Honestly -- at this price, the software pays for itself many times over.

If Xperiencify's gamification tools help you improve your student's engagement, increase repeat purchases, and reduce refunds by just one or two a month -- it more than pays for itself. You can't afford not to get it now.

“Experiencification" works! Here's what real students are saying about Xperiencify…

More than 17,593 students have experienced the Xperiencify platform first-hand. Here's what a few of them have shared about their experience...

"I added 3 courses directly from my phone while watching Netflix "

Jennifer Holbus

"I just finished. I became so addicted to this program that I have no idea how to go on without my weekly 'fix'. Thanks Marisa!"

Raquel Devillé

"It's addictive and feels like a reward. As a Psychologist I know about how people learn but the Xperiencify team puts it all together in such a common sense way that it seems amazing someone else hasn't thought of it."

Michelle Taylor

"Studying, engaging, exploring, dreaming & connecting. The intensity drowned out my gaming addiction overnight. I am hooked on ChaChing points now!"

Linda Vorthman

I'm most excited about using Marisa's methods to stack the deck in my clients' favor for maximum success and enjoyment. I'm looking forward to watching my clients' confidence grow while having an amazing time on their way to achieving their goals."

James Bottone

Get Started TODAY, FREE!

Your account is completely free until you’re ready to publish your course.

You won't pay until you publish your course.

Here's everything you get when you join Xperiencify:

Scale Growth Launch
$499/mo $149/mo $49/mo
Switch to annual for a 25% discount! Switch to annual for a 21% discount! Switch to annual for a 15% discount!
All plans come with unlimited courses! We don't want to penalize your success.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
All plans come with unlimited students. You can build an education empire, even on our entry-level plan!
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Transaction Fee
On our entry-level plan, we add a small transaction fee to purchases we facilitate for you.
0% 0% 4.9%
For our lowest price plan, we bill a small fee to facilitate transactions for you. You'll need a Stripe account to take advantage of this account.
Drip Content
Release training content gradually according to a schedule you set up. Most platforms offer just 1 way to do this: X-days-after-joining drip-style. We offer between 3-5 depending on your plan.
5 Options
This plan offers 5 ways: date-based, X days after joining, Xth Week & Day, On demand (when previously-released training completed), and after a certain amount of XPs are earned
4 Options
This plan offers 4 ways: date-based, X days after joining, Xth Week & Day, On demand (when previously-released training completed)
3 Options
This plan offers 3 ways: date-based, X days after joining, Xth Week & Day
Trigger a range of communications & API-based operations based on events that happen inside your membership site
50+ automations & triggers
50+ automations & triggers
10 core automations & triggers
We offer Zapier and API endpoints on our Growth and Scale plans. On the Launch plan we offer Zapier only.
Zapier & Webooks/API Zapier & Webooks/API Zapier only
On this plan we offer access to our Zapier integration only (selected Zaps)
"Experiencification" Features
Our 'secret sauce' -- stuff that nobody else does that's at the core of Xperiencify!
- XP Points System
Allow students to earn 'experience points' as they move through your trainings, to they feel a sense of progress.
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Sound Effects
Add fun, rewarding & captivating sound effects to points, so your students have a highly non-boring, multi-sensory experience in your course environment.
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Full Screen Celebrations
Trigger amazing, unexpected & 'on brand' celebrations for students at any important milestone in your course.
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Custom Celebrations
Build your own custom animated celebration screens using our amazing celebration builder.
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Content Tracks
Have up to 2 tracks through your course: essential and advanced -- useful for when you have a large amount of content that would ordinarily be overwhelming for students.
2 2 1
- Experience Engine
Your own private course concierge who works tireless behind the scenes 24 hours, actively looking for ways to create an amazing experience for your students. Read more
Advanced Advanced Core
E-commerce & Selling Features
- Built-in Order Forms
Beautiful built-in order forms with multiple installment plan and coupon code capability
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Cart Abandonment
Run automatic cart abandon campaigns to save sales you'd otherwise miss
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Expiring Credit Card Management
Monitor expiring credit cards proactively, so your students never miss a payment (saves THOUSANDS!)
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Discount Coupons (w/ Auto Time & Qty expiry!)
Unlimited discount coupons with automatic time- and quantity-based expiry functionality!
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Subscription Management
Full subscription management when processed through our in-built Order form
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Payment Processors
Through our Zapier integration and API endpoints, we offer full support for all payment processors for the Growth and Scale plans. On the Launch plan, only native Stripe processing is supported
Unlimited via Zapier & API Unlimited via Zapier & API 1
This plan requires use of our internal order form to take payment for your course. We process right into your business Stripe account, so you get paid instantly.
Customization Features
- Custom Domain & Email Sending
Host your Xperiencify membership site at your own custom domain plus send customer service email from your own domain too!
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Customizable Membership Site Pages
Full customization of the student's entire experience with you.
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Full Internationalization of Membership Site
Change your course language at the click of a button
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- CSS Customization
Full CSS customization of your student experience for each course.
Created with Lunacy Created with Lunacy
- Custom Fields
Add unlimited custom fields to your student database and populate through the API for output in your membership site pages -- text, links, images and more...
Created with Lunacy
Affiliate Commission
We offer an affiliate program with a varying range of commissions.
30% 30% 30%
Email Support
Unlimited support through our email help desk
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Select Plan Select Plan Select Plan

The next move is
up to you...

Xperiencify is so much more than simply a place to build a course or a program.

It's an environment that allows you to engage 10-30 TIMES more students. It's the only course platform with gamification PLUS all 7 powerful psychological triggers built in.

I can't wait to see how you use Xperiencify to change the world and help your students get the transformation they desire, while enjoying the business success you deserve.

You won't pay until you publish your course.

Try Xperiencify Today

Put Xperiencify to the test in YOUR business now, and you’ll quickly see a 10-30X lift students getting results, and coming back for more.

You won’t pay until you publish your course.

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