Gamification, and how it’s your “secret weapon” for making more money helping more people...

The fact is that people love to play games. But most course creators ignore that, and create courses that students don’t engage with.
As a result, most courses have a shocking 97% student abandonment rate, which can cost you THOUSANDS.
But when you add gamification to your course or training, you’ll dramatically increase student satisfaction, engagement, completion & super-profitable follow on sales.
Here’s how...

Introducing the 7 Gamification Triggers That Can Skyrocket Your Results

Trigger #1: Points

Cheering person on podium holding a trophy

All the most addictive apps and games out there give you points when you take action. As a result, they're incredibly motivating! But for some reason, it just never caught on for online courses.

That’s why Xperiencify puts points front and center, a critical feature of your students’ experience with your course.

Just add points and your students will want to keep earning them day and night!

It’s like being in Vegas but much healthier wins! 🤣😂
- Tammy M.
Points demo

Trigger #2: Variable Rewards

Cheering person on podium holding a trophy

Going back to B.F. Skinner's experiments with pigeons. His real breakthrough was in introducing "variable rewards" into the experiment.

The pigeon would press a lever and sometimes they’d get a small treat, other times a large treat, and other times nothing at all. This small change produced shocking results.

Not knowing when they'd get the next reward, the pigeons pecked incessantly until they received it, actually became “feverish” and “unrelenting” when the reward was no longer predictable.

Turns out that humans react to variable rewards in the same way as pigeons, and it’s the reason games & social media are so addictive.

Here’s how we incorporate variable rewards into your course.

Variable Reward demo

Trigger #3: Urgency & FOMO

Man on computer with running timer in the background

Marketers will tell you that the day they close their promotion will have the highest amount of sales. Why?

👉 Nobody wants to miss out.

We hate it when TV pitchmen (or anyone else) use urgency to move us to make a decision, but human nature responds to it, big time.

Most course platforms ignore this fact of life. But Xperiencify takes human nature in stride.

Just add a little urgency to your course and you'll be amazed at how much more will get done. And after all, isn’t that the goal? Getting more people to complete your course? Xperiencify can make it happen.

FOMO demo

Trigger #4: Social Proof

People love social media. They watch likes and shares closely and discuss anything and everything online.

Part of this is for social approval.

But most online courses are designed to be done in isolation. There’s no feedback. Not from the course creator. Not from others. And that’s demotivating.

That’s where Xperiencify shines. It incorporates fun ways for your students to get important social approval & feedback and have a little fun too.

Social Proof demo

Trigger #5: Community

There's a reason why "gym buddies" help us to keep going to the gym when we would have given up.

Just like a gym buddy, a great community can help students stay motivated, on track and taking action.

It's a fact that people will buy your course for the result you promise, but they'll stay for life when they feel connected to a community.

Xperiencify builds a powerful community for you automatically, right from the very first moment.

Community demo

Trigger #6: Celebrations

You Win

Player milestone & achievement celebrations is a favorite feature in virtually every single video game.

And it's for good reason: we love being celebrated for our effort, especially when it's unexpected.

But typically, courses don't celebrate us for anything. In fact, your only “win” for hitting a goal is usually yet more work. And that's demotivating for students, and can drive them to quit your course.

We've borrowed the idea of milestone & achievement celebrations and put it to work in courses, so that your students feel constantly celebrated, validated and motivated.

Here are the 6 kind of course celebrations you can do with Xperiencify...

Celebration demo

Trigger #7: Personalization

The best games personalize the experience to you. They respond to your actions, and you get a customized journey. That’s part of the reason they’re so addictive.

Why don’t courses do that? They do now.

Think of Xperiencify like your own unpaid employee who watches your students 24/7 to find ways to create an amazing experience for them.

The Experience Engine calculates exactly what's needed for each student so they engage more deeply ' take more action, so they get results, and buy from you again.

Personalization demo
Engagement is through the ROOF 😲😲😲 !!

Nathalie Dahl, RESULTS Consulting

Students say it’s soooo much better from THEIR point of view

Dan Knott

“Dream come true” for courseware!

George Massey, RESULTS Consulting

The best platform I’ve ever worked with, and you keep adding value!

Valerie Young

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