Social Media

Crush Your 2022 Social Media Strategy With Our Ultimate Guide!

Have you decided it's time to get serious about your social media strategy in 2022? We've created an ultimate guide to help you out!

Jennifer Ayling β€’ 12 min read
Digital Marketing πŸ’»

SEO Marketing Tools: Our Top Picks for 2022 (30+ Tools!)

Want to take your SEO marketing into the stratosphere in 2022? You're going to need SEO marketing tools for that. So, you better get started with our top picks!

Sarah Lentz β€’ 12 min read
Email Marketing πŸ“«

Crush Your Email Marketing in 2022 (+ Killer Tips & Tricks!)

Every $1 invested in email marketing generates a $42 return. Too good to be true? Actually it's pretty typical. Here's how.

Pat Blakely β€’ 13 min read
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing in 2022 (& Why You Should Do It β€” Duh, $$)

Want to become an affiliate marketer and earn crazy money in 2022 but have no idea how to get started? Well β€” spoiler alert β€” we're going to tell you!

Tiffany Lewis β€’ 16 min read
πŸ•Ή Gamification

Gamification in Corporate Training in 2022 (+ Examples!)

Thinking about using gamification in corporate training? We've got all the information, tips, and tricks for more effective β€” and more fun! β€” corporate training!

Heideli Loubser β€’ 11 min read
Course Creation ✍️

24 Thinkific Examples to Inspire Your Course Creation in 2022!

Want to see real-world Thinkific examples in action? Check out these Thinkific courses and be inspired by how people are using this platform.

Adam Hillis β€’ 8 min read
Online Course Platforms

13 Tips to Become a Top-Notch Content Creator in 2022!

Content creation is white-hot right now so why not get in the game by becoming a top-notch content creator?

Patricia Saya β€’ 7 min read

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πŸ•Ή Gamification

How to Increase User Engagement in 2022 (15+ Strategies!)

User engagement levels are all about attention span β€” which is shorter than a goldfish. What does this mean for your business? Read on to find out!

Kris Freeman β€’ 7 min read
Cover of "The Million Dollar Course Name Templates"
Digital Marketing πŸ’»

How to Inspire Customer Loyalty in 2022 (& Make $$)!

Want more of the customers who are 16 times more profitable than all the rest of them put together? Here's how!

Heideli Loubser β€’ 11 min read
Digital Marketing πŸ’»

20 Platforms to Sell Your Digital Download in 2022!

You’ve probably already created a digital download without even realizing you created something you could sell. For money.

Kris Freeman β€’ 11 min read
Learning Mgt System ☝️

What is a Learning Management System? (2022 Ultimate Guide)

What is an LMS? Who uses them? What can you do with one? And what are the benefits? This ultimate guide reveals all.

Tiffany Lewis β€’ 16 min read
Digital Marketing πŸ’»

What Is a Landing Page? Your 2022 Guide (+ Tips & Tactics!)

Discover what a landing page is, why you might need one, and how to generate the most leads possible

Jennifer Ayling β€’ 11 min read
Course Creation ✍️

LinkedIn Learning Review: Is It Worth Your Time (& $$) in 2022?πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

Everything you need to know about LinkedIn Learning, including a common misconception about the price!

Loes Kotoun β€’ 10 min read
Social Media

How to Monetize YouTube (& Make Crazy $$) in 2022!

Do you love creating and sharing video content but aren’t sure how to monetize? This guide will give you the step-by-step.

Dozie Anyaegbunam β€’ 13 min read
Digital Marketing πŸ’»

Digital Marketing: How to Crush It (& Make $$) In 2022!

Diving into the digital marketing world for the first time can feel daunting. This guide will get you started.

Kirsty Wilson β€’ 11 min read
Course Creation ✍️

How to Create an Online Course (& Make Big Bucks in 2022!)

Online courses are hot, but how do you create one? Here's our ultimate guide. What to do, and what NOT to do. Essential reading!

Heideli Loubser β€’ 16 min read
Social Media

31 Essential Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2022!

Having listening superpowers is one of the undisputed keys to success. These tools give you that power. Use it for good, eh? ;-)

Dozie Anyaegbunam β€’ 12 min read
Affiliate Marketing

40+ Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs in 2022!

Affiliate marketing is a booming industry for legit passive income, but you need the best affiliate marketing tools to get the job done.

Jennifer Ayling β€’ 11 min read