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People Love to Play Games

Monopoly was created in 1903. Views differed on reasons behind the creation of the game. Some thought it was meant to promote anti-capitalism. Others thought it was to teach people how to get rich through buying and selling real estate.

Whatever the reason, Monopoly is addictive.

The Guinness Book of World Records has entries for the longest Monopoly game (70 days), the longest game while upside down, even the longest game underwater!

McDonald’s biggest promotion involves collecting Monopoly pieces. They run this year after year with huge success.

Shockingly, people will travel to distant cities and buy food they intend to throw out just to continue playing the game.

Why? Because people love to play games.

Engagement is thru the ROOF!
“Dream come true” for courseware!
Students say it’s soooo much better from their point of view

A Number Marketers Know But Won’t Talk About

Whether or not you've created an online course, there’s a sad statistic you need to know about. Only about 3% of people who purchase online courses ever complete them.

Yes, it’s true. This means 97% of people who purchase your course are unlikely to ever complete it.

Surprisingly, you might think people who charge more for their courses would do better because of the higher financial investment. But that’s not the case.

Whether the cost is $97 or $10,000, the abandonment rate is similar.

Computer and 3% complete course progress bar
Cartoon man facepalming

Why People Don't Complete Your Courses

Marketing guru Jay Abraham says that people buy courses to solve a problem they have.

So when they buy the course, part of them wants to believe they’ve already solved their problem.

This idea they have solved the problem just by purchasing the course is common whether the course is priced high or low.

But when they start your course, they typically think of two words: hard and work.

The Heart of the Problem 💔

If you're like most of our clients, your course is part of your mission. It's your calling and you'd like it to make a difference.

You've had the courage to put together something that can possibly change lives.

But if students don't finish the course, they aren't getting the benefits you wanted.

Plus, there's a connected issue, if they don't go through your course, they're much less likely to buy another course from you in the future.

It's not fair. You gave your course your heart and your energy. It really does help people.

Fortunately, there's a simple way for you to get people to complete your course.

You can change the world (and your business) once you understand…

Woman holding empty wallet

The Power of Gamification

Man on phone with gems, coins, and power-ups floating above

It is a universal phenomenon.

We’re not only talking about kids playing on an Xbox. People of all ages love playing games, especially on their computers, tablets, and smartphones.

When people are playing in a game, they can easily lose track of time. Mothers of all decades know the feeling of being ignored when they called children in for dinner.

When you add gamification to your course or training, you’ll dramatically increase student satisfaction, engagement, completion and super-profitable follow on sales.

The first industry to take advantage of Gamification was the travel industry.

Airlines, car rental and hotels started offering loyalty points to encourage repeat business.

An unexpected outcome was that people started hoarding their points, not using them nearly as much as expected. (According to a 2016 survey, only 15% of travelers actually redeem their points.)

So why do people hoard these points instead of using them?

Because accumulating points is satisfying & fun.

Delta Airlines has Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond levels.

Silver and gold Delta Skymiles AMEX card

Hertz Rent-A-Car has Gold, Five-Star and President’s Circle.

The companies can be generous with benefits knowing only a small number of people use them. But they're effective because they promote brand loyalty.

Silver and gold Delta Skymiles AMEX card

Your Competition Isn't Who You Think

Logos of various social networking platforms

Kiva is a micro-lending company that helps small businesses. Someone asked the CEO who their competition was, he answered “Zynga”, which is odd because it’s not a lending company.

Zynga is actually one of the largest online game companies. They were responsible for the “Words With Friends” craze.

Actor Alec Baldwin was famously kicked off an airplane because he refused to stop playing “Words With Friends.”

Games are now so popular that people actually pay to watch other people play them. It's called e-Sports and famed self-help guru Tony Robbins even invested in a team.

Imagine your course being so fun that people don't realize they're learning, and so addicting that they badger your support desk asking to buy your next course.

Gamification can make that possible.

The Powerful Science of Gamification

Man sitting in front of a laptop

Modern psychology owes a debt of gratitude to B.F. Skinner, who showed that periodic positive rewards boost response and learning in animals.

He was surprised by how long a pigeon, or a rat would press a button to get a treat. But he was absolutely stunned when he tested his ideas on college students.

Just as he trained rats to run a maze for a tidbit, Skinner trained college students to run a maze in return for a dollar as the prize.

At the end of the day, the pigeons and rats were returned to their cages and went to sleep. The college students were another story. They broke into the lab late at night to continue running the maze in hopes of a reward.

And it’s actually simple to gamify your course...

Trusted by over 10,000 course creators

We're Marisa Murgatroyd & Murray Gray, and we teach course creators how to create online training and products that customers love to buy and use.

In fact, we developed an entire methodology called experiencification, an amazingly powerful combination of ideas & techniques from the fields of apps & games, adult learning psychology and the gambling industries.

And when used correctly, 10-30 TIMES more students will be ethically addicted to your course, will take action, complete it and get the results they pay you for, which leads to a drove of repeat customers.

And as of today, more than 4,500 successful course makers have used our experiencification techniques to help their students succeed and grow their education, training and coaching businesses.

Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray
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The 7 Gamification Triggers That Can Skyrocket Your Results

Your Progress at a Glance 👉

As they make progress through your course, students can earn points, appear on the leaderboard, and much more...

of 28

Trigger #1: Points

Cheering person on podium holding a trophy

All the most addictive apps and games out there give you points when you take action. As a result, they're incredibly motivating! But for some reason, it just never caught on for online courses.

That’s why Xperiencify puts points front and center, a critical feature of your students’ experience with your course.

Just add points and your students will want to keep earning them day and night!

It’s like being in Vegas but much healthier wins! 🤣😂
- Tammy M.

Total Flexibility

Add points to your course in any way you wish.
  • Customize the amount of points available for every training & action
  • Choose from dozens of sound effects, or upload your own
  • Click to try for yourself!
    1 XP
  • 2 XP
  • 5 XP

Trigger #2: Variable Rewards

Cheering person on podium holding a trophy

Going back to B.F. Skinner's experiments with pigeons. His real breakthrough was in introducing "variable rewards" into the experiment.

The pigeon would press a lever and sometimes they’d get a small treat, other times a large treat, and other times nothing at all. This small change produced shocking results.

Not knowing when they'd get the next reward, the pigeons pecked incessantly until they received it, actually became “feverish” and “unrelenting” when the reward was no longer predictable.

Turns out that humans react to variable rewards in the same way as pigeons, and it’s the reason games & social media are so addictive.

Here’s how we incorporate variable rewards into your course.

Random Points ⁉

When students take an action and don’t get what they expected, it puts their brains into a hyper-alert, hyper-engaged mode.

And when students are that engaged, it's much easier for them to get into flow, and become lean, mean, learning machines.

They're empowered to begin taking massive action and most importantly, having a huge amount of fun too.

  • Click to try for yourself!
    1 XP
  • ???
  • ???

Trigger #3: Urgency & FOMO

Man on computer with running timer in the background

Marketers will tell you that the day they close their promotion will have the highest amount of sales. Why?

👉 Nobody wants to miss out.

We hate it when TV pitchmen (or anyone else) use urgency to move us to make a decision, but human nature responds to it, big time.

Most course platforms ignore this fact of life. But Xperiencify takes human nature in stride.

Just add a little urgency to your course and you'll be amazed at how much more will get done. And after all, isn’t that the goal? Getting more people to complete your course? Xperiencify can make it happen.

Custom Countdowns ⌛

The first way we introduce FOMO is with Intelligent, custom countdowns you can place anywhere which build urgency to take action.

  • Add countdowns for “evergreen” or live cohort-based courses
  • Create a multiple countdown for different phases or modules of your course
  • Easily set up “sprints” or time-based contests within cohort-based courses
  • Your Mission Ends In...
  • This Weekend’s Sprint Ends In...
  • 😍 Your Chance to Win Ends In...
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Trigger #4: Social Proof

People love social media. They watch likes and shares closely and discuss anything and everything online.

Part of this is for social approval.

But most online courses are designed to be done in isolation. There’s no feedback. Not from the course creator. Not from others. And that’s demotivating.

That’s where Xperiencify shines. It incorporates fun ways for your students to get important social approval & feedback and have a little fun too.


The urge to collect is powerful. People collect to relive their childhood, connect themselves to a period or to a time they feel strongly about.

That's why the most addictive apps and games use them religiously.

In Xperiencify, your students can earn badges as they take action and participate socially.

Create your own collection of custom badges, and award them for any behavior you wish.
Examples of badges
Examples of badges

Trigger #5: Community

There's a reason why "gym buddies" help us to keep going to the gym when we would have given up.

Just like a gym buddy, a great community can help students stay motivated, on track and taking action.

It's a fact that people will buy your course for the result you promise, but they'll stay for life when they feel connected to a community.

Xperiencify builds a powerful community for you automatically, right from the very first moment.

Warm Welcome 👋

Imagine the positive feelings that would be created if new students received a warm welcome to your course by your existing students.

With Xperiencify, flip a switch and new students will instantly feel an instant sense of community, belonging & togetherness — and that's powerful.

  • Experience Product Masterclass
    Marla just joined the course. Click to welcome her!
  • Experience Product Masterclass
    Murray just welcomed you to the course 👋 Click to send them a ‘thanks’!
  • MB
    Experience Product Masterclass
    Marla thanked you for your welcome!

Trigger #6: Celebrations

You Win

Player milestone & achievement celebrations is a favorite feature in virtually every single video game.

And it's for good reason: we love being celebrated for our effort, especially when it's unexpected.

But typically, courses don't celebrate us for anything. In fact, your only “win” for hitting a goal is usually yet more work. And that's demotivating for students, and can drive them to quit your course.

We've borrowed the idea of milestone & achievement celebrations and put it to work in courses, so that your students feel constantly celebrated, validated and motivated.

Here are the 6 kind of course celebrations you can do with Xperiencify...

Welcome 👋 Celebration

Most courses dump you right into a “wall” of content.

But imagine a different experience — where your new student is welcomed in a new, fun & entertaining way, that makes YOUR course different to all the others.

Or create your own custom celebration using our exclusive Celebration Builder.
NOT like this!
Giant list of course videos

    Trigger #7: Personalization

    The best games personalize the experience to you. They respond to your actions, and you get a customized journey. That’s part of the reason they’re so addictive.

    Why don’t courses do that? They do now.

    Think of Xperiencify like your own unpaid employee who watches your students 24/7 to find ways to create an amazing experience for them.

    The Experience Engine calculates exactly what's needed for each student so they engage more deeply ' take more action, so they get results, and buy from you again.


    Smiley faces

    Encouragement (at the right time) means so much to students and, like a great coach, it can actually motivate them to take even more action than they thought possible.

    With a few clicks of a mouse, choose from our pre-written collections messages of praise, encouragement and motivation completely automatically, at the right time, without lifting a finger.

    • Are they streaking forward? Congratulate them!
    • Did they finish a particularly challenging training, module or milestone? Recognize their effort!
    • Did they log-back on after being away for a week or more? Praise them for getting back into action!

    It's like "smiley face" stickers for adults 😛😀😂

    Well Done!
    Send an automatic
    Brett Smith <[email protected]>
    to you

    Hey {First Name}

    Saw you just achieved your goal of {Awesome Thing}!

    Just wanted to personally reach out and say CONGRATULATIONS!

    I’m so proud of you and the action you’ve taken in {Course Name}.

    Keep Going!

    {Your Name}

    Popup a
    Or send an SMS or Voicemail!
    Congratulations! 👏
    Proud of all the action you’re taking! Keep it up!
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    Social Proof
    Other Features
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    Plus all the Course Creation Tools You'll Ever Need

    It's only fair that the most amazing experience for your students is matched in the backend by a simple management portal that packs a powerful punch.
    Full-featured CRM
    • Search, manage, filter and administrate students.
    • Reset passwords. Manage course access.
    • Complete tagging functionality for advanced automation & communication etc...
    • Complete activity for all students, for each action taken in each course, completely searchable
    Full Ecommerce Solution
    • Beautiful built-in order forms to take payments via Stripe & Paypal
    • Single & multi-payment (Installment plan) capable
    • Auto-expiring discount coupons
    Page Builder
    • Customize your course pages with our powerful yet Lego-simple page builder
    • Embed student data into your pages to make your course even more personalized to them
    • Hide or show page blocks based on what tags each student has, or based on dates you choose
    • Create sales pages, order forms and custom course pages without needing another tool
    Automations Engine
    • A powerful automations system that will create a unique & customized experiences for each and every student in your course.
    • Automations can contain: Emails, SMSs, Voicemails, Delay Timers, Add Tag, Remove Tag, Push Notifications, Facebook Posts, Unlock module, Add to Course, Remove from Course, Webhook Post
    • Automations can be started by: Student Added, Student First Login, Student Absent for More than X time, Login After Being Absent, Specific Training or Module Released, Specific Training or Module Started, Specific Training or Module Completed, Student Earned X Points, X Time Remaining in Course, Tag Added to Student, Entire Course Completed
    • More information available here
    Centralized Course Creator Inbox
    • A centralized inbox for all student communications from all your courses — every message lands in one place for ease and speed of replying
    • Incorporating SMS into your course allows you to reach & engage with your students in a way that may work better for them than other ways
    • Our 2-way SMS functionality means that student replies to texts we send automatically for you are also received in your inbox
    Unbelievable Email Deliverability
    • Sick of your important course emails and updates landing in your students' spam boxes? Email is an afterthought for most course platforms and that's frustrating
    • With our Authenticated Email Sending functionality, your email deliverability will go through the roof and ensure that none of your important emails are missed ever again
    API & Zapier Integration
    • Xperiencify can connect to literally thousands of other 3rd party cloud platforms and systems thanks to our open API and advanced Zapier integration.
    • Whether you need to send or receive customer data, payments or other important data, you'll be able to do it.
    Custom domain hosting
    • Want to host your courses at your own custom domain? It's easy! With a single click, your students can be learning at the domain name of your choice. Get ready for!

    Even Internet Marketers Are Hooked On Gamification

    (And They Don’t Even Know It!)

    The mechanics of gamification are simple to understand. These include points, badges or achievement levels, leaderboards and rewards.

    Internet marketing launches use the same processes in working with affiliates.

    There are points for the number of sales. Leaderboards are published daily. Finally, there are large rewards for the top affiliates.

    The result? Fierce competition to make more sales all the way down to the wire.

    Affiliate Leaderboard
    Mark Simpson
    73 Sales
    Matt Waldon
    70 Sales
    Mike Forman
    67 Sales
    Richard McDonald
    65 Sales
    Stacey Gordon
    62 Sales
    Maurel Antony
    59 Sales
    Cheryl Stow
    57 Sales

    The Success "Recipe" of Gamification

    Just turning something into a game isn't a guarantee of success. There needs to be an ultimate goal. In this case, it's completing your course and getting the result you promise.

    Here are the keys to making sure gamification works for you.

    You'll need:

    • A commitment to understanding that engagement is the key to success.

    • A belief that engagement is a process that leads to long term customer loyalty.

    • An understanding that customer engagement leads to greater customer revenue from both new and existing customers as word starts to spread.

    Engaged customers are happy customers who become success stories and happy, repeat buyers

    Don't Forget, This Isn't About Making Games. It's About Making Games Work For You

    Alcoholics Anonymous and Weight Watchers both use gamification such as badges and awards. In those organizations, gaining levels is rewarded and celebrated, and actually helps members stick with the process when it gets hard.

    Fitness app Strava added Variable Rewards badges & confetti, and immediately saw a 30% increase in running frequency.

    Food tracking app Vimify saw an 11% increase in food-tracking after integrating variable rewards.

    Micro-loan app Tala added variable rewards like savings, perks and encouragement and saw a 14% improvement in how frequently people would pay back their loans on time or early.

    You Don’t Need to Be A Programmer to Gamify Your Course

    Fortunately, Gamification is easy to apply to your course. Just create or upload your course on the Xperiencify platform and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Want to customize the experience for your students? It’s simple, and you’ll notice the results as soon as customers start coming in through the doors.

    But if you ever need any help... don’t worry, because:

    We’ve Got Your Back

    Live chat support is provided on all plans.

    Even better, every member of our support team are course creators, just like you, so they’ll understand what you're trying to accomplish.

    So if you ever experience a problem, just send a message. We're here to help you succeed.

    • I need some help!
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    • Absolutely! What’s up?
      JuanJust now
    Paola Martinez ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Rachel is just amazing, so helpful & generous in her support. Thank you!

    Donovan Driscoll ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Juan’s speedy response was exactly what I needed and I was up and running FAST!

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    Don’t Let Your Dream Become An Orphan

    Have you ever gone through a course and noticed that previous students have left comments? But as you continue through the course, the comments become fewer and fewer.

    What happened? Very simply, those enthusiastic masses slowly drifted off.

    They were no longer engaged with the course.

    Maybe they mean to get back to it someday. But someday never comes.

    Unless you stop selling courses and start selling experiences.

    Man that forgot about other courses, but remembers courses done with Xperiencify

    People Forget Courses.
    They Remember Experiences

    Think of all the courses you’ve purchased? Can you recall all of them? Can you remember what you learned? Probably not.

    Most people have purchased more courses than they care to remember. And odds are, they were abandoned along the way.

    How many times did the course platform celebrate your progress. Or make you feel great about your progress. Or contact you to remind you that your course was waiting for you? Never is the norm.

    Our platform creates the kind of remarkable experience that people tell their friends about.

    "I thought it was going to not work for me because I don't see myself as competitive and I really don’t like video games, but WOW! This has been a game changer for me! I was on the leaderboard the first 2 weeks and was bummed that I didn't make it the 3rd week. I’m really hooked on this! It’s enjoyable, fun and actually very  motivating!  opamine hits are the Bomb!!!" - Carol R.

    Don’t Just Build a Course – Build An Experience!

    When you build your online course on Xperiencify, you’ll discover what McDonald’s found.

    “We’ve found that when people play the online Monopoly game, there’s a level of consumer engagement that keeps them coming back.”

    Chris Hess, the Vice President of The Marketing Store, who created the game for McDonald's, explained how the customer engagement works.

    It targets a desire to explore (finding the next game piece). It helps create value and status by success in the game. And more than that, it’s driven more customers into its stores and raised customer spending.

    During the 60 days of the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion the company raked in an additional 350 MILLION dollars.

    Why This is Course Creating Done Right

    There hasn’t been a single innovation in course software in years.
    But Xperiencify is changing all that, starting now.

    For you — the course creator:

    • 👉 It’s like using a typewriter in the age of high speed cloud computing
    • 👉 It’s like using a sundial in the age of atomic clocks
    • 👉 It’s like using a horse and buggy in the age of Formula 1
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    Why Your Next Course Will Be Different

    With Xperiencify, when your clients sign up, you'll find what Barry found:
    If you want ENGAGEMENT and RAVING FANS, Xperiencify is the place to BE and GROW 😄🌱🙌

    Barry Shore, the Ambassador of Joy

    And when you compare the progress of students in courses on other platforms, you may want to rub your eyes in disbelief.

    More and more of your students are finishing your courses. And as soon as they finish one course, they immediately clamor for another.

    The answer is simple – and remember the simplest solutions are usually the best – your course was FUN!

    When learning is a game, it becomes contagious.

    But don’t take our word for it…

    Believe these folks..

    Engagement is through the ROOF 😲😲😲 !!

    Nathalie Dahl, RESULTS Consulting

    Students say it’s soooo much better from THEIR point of view

    Dan Knott

    “Dream come true” for courseware!

    George Massey, RESULTS Consulting

    The best platform I’ve ever worked with, and you keep adding value!

    Valerie Young

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    Whoosh.Your course has just become an addicting game they can’t put down.

    If you don’t see a huge increase in completion rates, I want you to cancel.

    I say this with full confidence because Xperiencify has a proven track record of success.

    I also say this with the experience of purchasing literally dozens of courses I didn’t complete.

    And as I remembered these courses I never completed, I resolved to do something that would benefit the course creator and the client.

    The answer is Xperiencify.

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