Student Engagement Is Critical. We Understand What Makes People Engage & Actually Learn.

Online learning platforms haven't changed in years and today's learners are demanding a more modern & engaging experience.

Xperiencify's 7 kinds of gamification & powerful psychological triggers can turn your company's training content into a highly engaging experience that employees will love to take.

Compared to other platforms, Xperiencify has been proven to increase skill retention, build happier & more productive teams, resulting in a higher organizational performance and a greater sense of purpose.

The Xperiencify Difference

The XP Difference

We’re Trusted by Thousands of Companies Including:

The Flow Research Collective, Pedro Adao, Live Your Message, and more

Trigger #1: Points

Cheering person on podium holding a trophy

All the most addictive apps and games out there give you points when you take action. As a result, they're incredibly motivating! But for some reason, it just never caught on for online courses.

That’s why Xperiencify puts points front and center, a critical feature of your employee experience.

Just add points and they’ll want to keep earning them day and night!

It’s like being in Vegas but much healthier wins! 🤣😂
- Tammy M.
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Trigger #2: Variable Rewards

People chatting about ideas in an office

“Variable Rewards” is when something random unexpectedly happens, and it’s a little known fact that this is the most addictive part of gambling.

Similarly, when students encounter the unexpected inside your onboarding & training material, they pay closer attention, engage deeply and often become highly ethically addicted to learning.

We implement Variable Rewards inside your material in various ways to keep your employees guessing about what’s coming next, and excited to take action!

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Trigger #3: Urgency & FOMO

Man on computer with running timer in the background

Psychologists will tell you that people most people only take action when the clock’s about to hit zero. Why?

👉 Nobody wants to miss out.

We hate it when TV pitchmen (or anyone else) use urgency to move us to make a decision, but human nature responds to it, big time.

Most course platforms ignore this fact of life. But Xperiencify takes human nature in stride.

Just add a little urgency to your course and you'll be amazed  at how much more action your employees will take. And after all, isn’t that the goal? Getting them to complete, learn & become more productive? Xperiencify can make it happen.

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Trigger #4: Social Proof

People love social media. They watch likes and shares closely and discuss anything and everything online.

Part of this is for social approval.

But most online courses are designed to be done in isolation. There’s no feedback. Not from the company. Not from others. And that’s demotivating.

That's where Xperiencify shines. It incorporates fun ways for your students to get important social approval & feedback and have a little fun too.

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Trigger #5: Community

There's a reason why "gym buddies" help us to keep going to the gym when we would have given up.

Just like a gym buddy, a great community can help employees stay motivated, on track and taking action.

Even if they were feeling reluctant at the start, studies show that a great community makes the feel more connected, more fulfilled & more positive about their experience.

Xperiencify builds a powerful community for you automatically, right from the very first moment.

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Trigger #6: Celebrations

You Win

Player milestone & achievement celebrations is a favorite feature in virtually every single video game.

And it's for good reason: we love being celebrated for our effort, especially when it's unexpected.

But typically, courses don&apo;t celebrate us for anything. In fact, your only “win” for hitting a goal is usually yet more work. And that's demotivating for students, and can drive them to quit your course.

We've borrowed the idea of milestone & achievement celebrations and put it to work in courses, so that your employees feel constantly celebrated, validated and motivated.

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Trigger #7: Personalization

The best games personalize the experience to you. They respond to your actions, and you get a customized journey. That’s part of the reason they’re so addictive.

Why don’t courses do that? They do now.

Think of Xperiencify like your own unpaid employee who watches your students 24/7 to find ways to create an amazing experience for them.

The Experience Engine calculates exactly what's needed for each student so they engage more deeply, take more action, get more results and buy from you again.

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Plus, the “Experience Engine”

People turning cogwheels

The experience employees have in your courses from Moment One will determine whether they get anything out of it.

And the fact is that most courses unintentionally create a demotivating experience for students, which kills motivation, destroys retention and makes them less productive.

Our unique “Experience Engine” will keep students engaged and taking action, all the way to the end of your course..

It’s like your unpaid employee working tirelessly behind the scenes 24/7, looking for ways to create an amazing experience for your students through automation (using actions like emails, SMS messages, voicemails, celebration. badges, tags & more!)

So they’re virtually guaranteed to LOVE taking your company’s courses, retain significantly more and become more valuable assets to your organization.

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How Xperiencify Will Help Your Organization

New Hire Onboarding - so your newest recruits have the best 1st impression possible and actually pay attention and engage with key new hire training so they can “hit the ground running”
Cornerstone Course Training - You’ll be able to host your most important courses & training on Xperiencify to skyrocket your course engagement & make “learning” fun.
Department Specific Team Training - There’s always something new in organizations but instead of drafting a boring SOP document or doing a live Zoom meeting, now you’ll be able to empower your team to house the trainings using Xperiencify where both team members now, as well as future team members, will be able to get up to speed in the most efficient and joyful way.
End User Knowledge Base - Do you have customers who need help learning how to use your product or software? This is your opportunity to say goodbye to boring and make it easy for your customers to discover how to use your product and services. The end result? Customers who are more activated, happier and become power users giving you rave reviews.

What Others Are Saying About Xperiencify!

At just the 31 day mark, 20% have fully completed the course. 82% of users have been active in the last 18 days. 51% of our users have half of the total XPs available.

Josh Turner, Linked Selling

This is unheard of!!! We started our Experience Sales Masterclass last Tuesday – an experiential, gamified online class to learn how to have fun and ease when selling – and the engagement is thru the ROOF 😮😮😮 !!!

Nathalie Dahl, Experience Sales Masterclass

I absolutely ADORE the concept of offering the 'use it or lose it' model for a free course. I find myself getting into a panic checking multiple times a week to make sure that I complete all of my assignments. And, as a returning student, it does keep completing the course top of mind WAAAYYYYY more often than if there was no end date. Definitely using this on my people! 😆

Krista Hayes

Tomorrow I’ll be officially, fully, migrated to XP. By far, the greatest decision EVER. People are loving it! Can’t wait for more! 🔥

Jose Mier Montero

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