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17 Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools for 2024 (+Pricing)

Looking for the best customer journey mapping tools to better understand your customers?

You're in the right place. 

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Planning and executing the

customer journey can be easy when using the right tools. 

Let's look at the solutions that'll give you clarity and impact.

What is customer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping is a strategic and visual approach to charting a customer’s path.

It begins with the customer's first encounter with your business, continues through the purchasing process, and extends into the ongoing relationship.

This big-picture overview helps you see things from your customer's perspective, identifying what’s working well and what could be improved.

By getting to know these journeys in detail—via customer journey mapping tools—you can tailor your customer service and communication to enhance experience management and improve the overall customer experience (CX).

When customers have a smooth ride from start to finish, they’re not only happier but also develop trust and customer loyalty to your brand.

Key Features You Want In Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Here's a breakdown of the key features to look for when choosing a customer journey mapping tool so you can effectively map the user journey.

Multi-channel capabilities

Customers interact with your business across multiple platforms and devices. 

A top-notch customer journey mapping tool should offer multi-channel capabilities, enabling you to track and analyze customer interactions on social media, your website, in person, or over the phone. 

Integration and automation

Your customer journey mapping software should link to your CRM, email systems, and other tools, making it easier to gather and interpret data.

It’s also helpful if it can handle repetitive tasks, like updating customer information or sending surveys. This will free up your team to concentrate on the big picture. 

Collaboration features

A great customer journey mapping tool makes it easy for your team to work together, regardless of their location. 

It should let everyone add their thoughts, make changes, and share updates in real time.

This way, whether your team members are down the hall or across the globe, they can all pitch in. 

Analytics tools

Solid customer journey mapping software should have built-in marketing analytics to track customer behaviors, measure customer engagement levels, and pinpoint where customers are losing interest. 

With these analytics, you can make informed decisions on how to improve the customer experience. 

Scalability and flexibility

Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, the right tool will adapt to your changing needs, allowing you to add more features or users as required. 

Flexibility means the tool works well with other systems you’re using and can be customized to fit your unique journey mapping needs. 

Customer support and training

Look for helpful guides, tutorials, and customer support to assist you with questions or issues. 

As you become more comfortable with the tool, access to ongoing training can be invaluable so you can take advantage of all its features. 

Top Picks for Customer Journey Mapping Tools

1. InMoment

customer journey mapping tools - InMoment screenshot

InMoment integrates data from multiple channels, including surveys, social media, live chats, and more, providing a complete view of the customer journey.

Best for

Businesses looking to achieve significant ROI improvements in customer experience initiatives quickly.


  • Integrates customer data from multiple sources for a holistic view.
  • Uses AI marketing and advanced analytics for in-depth customer understanding.
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate customer behavior and needs.
  • AI-driven feedback collection.
  • Simplifies data management and reduces response time


Request a demo for pricing information.

2. Microsoft Visio

customer journey mapping tools - Microsoft Visio screenshot

Microsoft Visio is a versatile tool that transforms how teams and individuals visualize data and ideas, turning complex information into easy-to-understand visuals. 

Best for

Teams and individuals who need a powerful diagramming tool to create professional, detailed visuals for planning, data visualization, and process mapping.


  • A broad selection of templates and shapes.
  • Real-time collaboration tools.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365.
  • Tools for creating flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, and network diagrams.
  • Enhanced accessibility features for inclusivity.


All Microsoft 365 plans include a free version of Microsoft Visio. Paid plans start at $5/month.

3. XM Discover (formerly Clarabridge)

customer journey mapping tools - XM Discover screenshot

XM Discover revolutionizes experience management by using advanced analytics and natural language understanding.

It transforms how businesses collect and interpret customer data, providing deep insights into user journeys.

Best for

Organizations looking for detailed customer journey analytics and automated actions across all feedback channels, from social media to direct conversations.


  • Advanced sentiment analysis and natural language understanding with industry-specific models.
  • Real-time analytics into customer feedback.
  • Automated workflows for better customer experiences and process improvements.
  • Personalization of experiences based on comprehensive profiles.
  • Automated detection of product issues and employee experiences.


Pricing available upon request. 

4. Figma

customer journey mapping tools - Figma screenshot

Figma introduces an innovative approach to creating customer journey maps through its FigJam online whiteboard. 

Best for

Ideal for teams starting out or in need of streamlined processes.


  • User-friendly templates and online whiteboard for mapping customer journeys.
  • Easy import and editing of existing maps from Figma to FigJam.
  • Customizable widgets and tools to capture customer personas and touchpoints.
  • Collaboration features for better team engagement.
  • Free customer journey map templates.


Figma and FigJam both offer free plans. Paid plans start at $12 and $3/month, respectively.

5. Lucidchart

customer journey mapping tools - Lucidchart screenshot

Lucidchart is a dynamic diagramming solution designed to unite teams and streamline decision-making processes. 

Best for

Organizations and teams of any size looking for a powerful, scalable tool to visualize processes, systems, and strategies.


  • ​​Intelligent diagramming capabilities to visualize and clarify complex ideas.
  • Extensive collaboration tools to improve communication and decision-making.
  • Integration with ChatGPT and AI Prompt Flow.
  • Secure and scalable solutions suitable for enterprise-level needs.
  • Compatibility with major productivity tools.


Lucid offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $7.95/month.

6. FlowMapp

customer journey mapping tools - FlowMap screenshot

FlowMapp is a comprehensive planning and collaboration platform that streamlines the web development process. 

Best for

Web development and UX/UI design teams looking for an all-in-one solution to design, plan, and execute web projects.


  • Visual mapping of websites and apps to outline user paths.
  • Project management tools to track development progress.
  • Pre-made templates for rapid development.
  • Real-time collaboration features for seamless client interaction.
  • Tools for SEO planning and content development.


FlowMapp offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $8.25/month.

7. ClickUp

customer journey mapping tools - ClickUp screenshot

ClickUp offers a Customer Journey Map Template to streamline the visualization of customer interaction with your brand. 

Best for

Ideal for organizations wanting customizable templates alongside a suite of productivity tools.


  • User-friendly and fully customizable Customer Journey Map Template.
  • Simple customer journey visualization of interactions and identification of touchpoints.
  • Easy tracking of customer experiences, actions, emotions, and pain points.
  • Integration with ClickUp’s project management tools for workflow optimization.
  • Collaborative features for team members and stakeholders.


ClickUp offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $7/month.

8. UXPressia

customer journey mapping tools - UXPressia screenshot

UXPressia offers a holistic approach to visualizing and understanding customer experiences. 

Best for

Organizations and UX professionals seeking a versatile and user-friendly platform for creating detailed, professional-looking customer journey maps. 


  • A user-friendly interface with free, customizable templates.
  • Centralized storage for all journey maps.
  • Extensive customization options, including text, graphs, charts, and multimedia integrations.
  • Real-time collaboration options.
  • View customer journeys through different perspectives and detail levels.


UXPressia offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $16/month.

9. Custellence

customer journey mapping tools - Custellence screenshot

Custellence makes it easier to identify key touchpoints, actions, and areas for improvement. 

Best for

Ideal for those who value creating, sharing, and iterating on journey maps in a collaborative environment.


  • Drag-and-drop interface for effortless map customization and arrangement.
  • Diverse selection of templates and design elements.
  • Real-time and asynchronous collaboration capabilities.
  • Create maps of any size and complexity with detailed sub-lanes and rich data.
  • Templates based on real projects designed by journey mapping experts.


Custellence has a free plan. Paid plans start at $625/month.

10. Smaply

customer journey mapping tools - Smaply screenshot

Smaply offers a secure, versatile, and user-friendly solution for visualizing customer experiences.

Best for

Businesses seeking a robust and secure platform with flexible yet structured journey maps.


  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy map creation and service blueprint design.
  • Handle complex data types and interconnected customer journey maps.
  • Capabilities for real-time interaction and asynchronous work.
  • High data protection and privacy standards, including GDPR compliance, ISO 27001 certification, and SOC report adherence.
  • Tools for evaluating touchpoints and pain points and managing customer experience (CX) innovation.


Smaply offers a free plan. Paid plans start at 16,59 euros/month.

11. Hotjar

customer journey mapping tools - Hotjar screenshot

Hotjar gives businesses an in-depth understanding of their website's user experience.

Best for

Businesses wanting to understand the “why” behind user actions and feedback.


  • Heatmaps that show where users click, move, and scroll.
  • User session recordings for observing actual browsing experiences.
  • Real-time feedback tools allow users to report their user experience.
  • Surveys and interviews gather deeper analytics into the user journey, customer satisfaction, and customer needs for increased customer retention.
  • Security and privacy commitments compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PCI.


Hotjar offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $32/month.

12. Visual Paradigm

customer journey mapping tools - Visual Paradigm screenshot

Visual Paradigm is an agile user story mapping tool designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of scrum teams. 

Best for

Scrum teams and agile project managers requiring a high level of organization and flexibility in story mapping.


  • Visual story mapping for effective backlog management.
  • Enhanced drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Inline editing and click-to-add elements.
  • Comprehensive user story enhancement tools, including conversation notes, acceptance criteria, and wireframes directly to stories.
  • Integration capabilities with various design and development artifacts.


Visual Paradigm plans start at $6/month.

13. Adobe Experience Cloud

customer journey mapping tools - Adobe Experience Cloud screenshot

Adobe Experience Cloud offers tools designed for marketing and sales teams to enhance their engagement strategies with target account buying groups. 

Best for

Marketing and sales teams in the B2B marketing space streamlining their engagement processes with buying groups through personalized, AI-driven journeys.


  • Identify and manage buying groups within target accounts to create comprehensive profiles.
  • Design and execute tailored user engagement strategies for accounts and buying groups.
  • Real-time tracking of buying group engagement, with automated journey progression based on member behavior.
  • AI content creation for personalized email and chat communications.
  • Integration with Adobe Marketo Engage.


Pricing options available upon request.

14. Gliffy

customer journey mapping tools - Gliffy screenshot

Gliffy offers intuitive diagramming tools that simplify the visualization of complex information. 

Best for

Useful for those working within the Atlassian ecosystem, looking to enhance their documentation in Confluence with clear, informative visuals.


  • Intuitive interface for creating complex diagrams without prior training.
  • Seamless integration with Confluence Cloud or Data Center.
  • High-security standards, including Atlassian's Cloud Fortified status.
  • An online diagramming tool with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Tools to document, analyze, and optimize processes, making procedures easier to understand and refine.


Plans start at $8/month.

15. Heap

customer journey mapping tools - Heap screenshot

Heap captures every user action across various digital marketing platforms for granular views of customer journeys, enhancing the overall experience management process.

Best for

Companies looking for a hassle-free alternative to traditional analytics platforms without manual tagging.


  • Automatic, complete data capture of every digital interaction by every user.
  • Integrated session replay to give context to user actions.
  • Rapid insights for swift customer journey improvements.
  • Extensive integration capabilities with other platforms, including Google Analytics.
  • Analytical tools offer guidance on investment priorities by revealing user paths, effort levels, and actions correlating with business outcomes.


Heap offers a free plan. Paid plan pricing available upon request.

16. Milkymap

customer journey mapping tools - Milkymap screenshot

Milkymap is customer journey mapping software that enables seasoned experts and novices in customer experience (CX) mapping to create detailed journey maps, contributing significantly to customer success strategies.

Best for

CX managers needing a scalable solution for customer journey management.


  • User-friendly interface for designing detailed customer journey maps.
  • The CX Life Cycle Model® for data-driven CX management, supported by API connectors for seamless data integration.
  • Multiple journey maps, including template creation, user management, and label and data field standardization.
  • Sharable templates and designs.
  • Data analysis tools and community engagement through gamification.


Milkymap offers a free plan. Paid plans start at 99 euros/year.

17. Miro

customer journey mapping tools - Miro screenshot

Miro supports everything from diagramming user journeys to real-time data visualization and agile methodologies.

Best for

Companies seeking to eliminate tool silos, enhance security, and foster large-scale collaborative efforts.


  • Unlimited canvas for strategic planning and visualization.
  • Integrated tools for customer-centric solution design.
  • Enterprise-grade security features, including advanced integrations and data governance solutions, aligning with a Zero Trust Security philosophy.
  • A unified workspace for all stages of innovation.
  • Marketing automation features to streamline task management and creativity processes.


Free plan available. Paid plans start at $8/month.

Level Up Your Strategy with Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Now that you're knowledgeable about the top customer journey mapping tools of 2024, it's time to take action. 

Choose the tool that aligns with your goals and start creating journey maps that transform your customer experience strategy today.

Jennifer Ayling is a prize-winning SEO website copywriter. She specializes in helping business owners get their thoughts and ideas out of their heads and onto their websites.