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What Kind of Online Course Should You Create?

As they say, numbers don't lie.

Even so, I couldn't help saying to myself, "This can't be true!" when I looked at the number of signups for my first major offer.

I was so sure my idea couldn't fail. See, I had this brilliant concept for a continuity program called the 30-Day Challenge. Basically, it's a monthly membership program designed to deliver results in 30 days.

The premise? Offer high-value training sessions so people can start taking action right away. Best of all, they'll see significant results in just one month for staying focused and committed to the program.

These high-value trainings explored one key business concept each month, like market strategy or personal branding.

This wasn't just fluff and vague generalities, by the way. After all, we would be spending one entire month on each concept.

That means in-depth, high quality information that would help you succeed in your business. To that end, I devoted dozens of hours every week to create these trainings.

By the time I was done, I was psyched about the high-quality content I was about to deliver. I was pumped about changing people's lives and helping them transform their business.

In turn, I would be changing people's lives for the better. I would be extending a hand and helping them jump onto the "passive income" bandwagon.

To open up the program to as many people as possible, I offered these trainings for just $49 a month.

All this took place in 2012. By then, I had built up a solid reputation in the branding and web design industry. I could sit back and enjoy the recurring revenue that streamed into my accounts each and every month.

But being successful on my own wasn't enough. I dreamed of a world where I could help thousands of people transform their lives. In turn, they would help thousands of other people, and so on.

It was a win-win for me and my membership base. There was no way it could fail.

What Kind of Online Course Should You Create?

But once again, numbers don't lie.

After 3 whole months of launching my program, I had a whopping membership of (cue the drumroll)...

3 people.

In essence, after 3 months of writing, rewriting, marketing, and selling?

After 3 months of blood, sweat, and tears?

Only 3 people saw the value of what I was offering, for only $49 a month or a discounted, one-time payment of $441!

To say I was hurt and disappointed is an understatement. But once I got over that, I got curious.

Where did I go wrong?

How could I get more people to sign up?

And most importantly...

What can I improve?

Believe it or not, it would take me a few years to find the answers. But once I did, there was no denying the slow, yet steady rise in customers. Not to mention the increased revenue from my online courses and programs.

And just like that, my world was forever changed.

For the past 6 years, I've earned millions of dollars from my online products. It's been a true blessing, and I never take it for granted.

But enough about me?

Because this story is really about YOU.

I'm saying this from personal experience. No matter where you are in your business, you can generate considerable income by creating your own online products.

The key is coming up with the right product, one that's right for your business and right for the current time.

That's precisely what I'll be teaching you here.

My insights are based on years of personal successes and failures. They're based on my proven track record of multi-million dollar products.

I've spent thousands of hours teaching thousands of entrepreneurs such as yourself. That's why I know the ins and outs, the expert tips on how to create the right product for your own unique business.

These products succeed because they deliver real, long-term results. These results will change your life, as well as those of your students.

Once you change a few people's lives, you'll see it grow into a steady stream of clients and customers. That's the true secret to guaranteed success - lifelong clients who will buy from you year after year.


Want to know how to make more money while helping people at the same time? Want to have a bigger online presence and see recurring revenue in the shortest amount of time?

Of course you do - that's why you're an online entrepreneur. Which means you're probably aware that online products and programs are a big part of achieving these goals.

It's a wonderful idea, to be sure. But producing a successful online product takes much more than a great vision. It takes work - far more work than most people imagine.

We've all seen those naturally gifted actors or athletes who crash and burn in their first year. It's not because they're untalented or stupid.

The same thing goes for entrepreneurs who have the skills and talent.


The problem is how they invest their time and energy. Invest your resources into the wrong product, and you'll be back to square one with little to show for it.

I wrote this guide to help you avoid those pitfalls.

Think of product creation as a journey into distant, unknown lands. This guide will be your North Star, shining brightly to help keep you on the right path.

Then, think of each chapter as a new territory to conquer. As you explore these territories, you will learn:

The 3-element strategy: Laying the foundation for success even before you start working on your product.

How to maximize profits by choosing the right product type for your business.

The core values that will be represented in all your products. Including these factors in each product is the key to retaining and building your customer base.

These are lessons I wish I had known early in my career. Let's just say I wasted a lot of time and effort trying to come up with the perfect formula.

But the growing pains were worth it for me to get to where I am today. Because now, I have a fast and effective system to help you make money much faster than you ever thought possible.

As I mentioned before, this is an in-depth exploration into the Wild Wild West of successful product creation. So sit back, take a deep breath...

And prepare for a life-changing ride.

Don't Have Time to Read This Game-Changing Guide Right This Minute? Click here to get the PDF version and read it anytime you want!

Remember: selecting the right type of product at each stage of your business is the most important decision you'll ever make.

Making the right choice is the key to long-term success and consistent profit.

If you pick the wrong product? Prepare to end up in a black hole that sucks up your time, energy, and resources till you're left with nothing.

Am I saying this to scare you? No, but I want you to understand how your product choice is directly related to the outcome you're trying to achieve.

There's where I went wrong with my first offer. I thought my success depended on things like price and the amount of information I was sharing.

I should have listened to the following words from master copywriter and direct marketing genius Dan Kennedy:

"Right message, right market, right media -- this is the way to create winning marketing campaigns."

To put my own spin on it: "Create the right type of product, for the right market, at the right time."

What types of products you can offer is something we'll explore in the next chapter. For now, let's delve into the concept of the 3-element strategy: right product, right market, right time

Element #1: Right Product

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is to dream big. That's why it's natural to think "I hope hundreds of people sign up for this." Maybe you're an even bigger dream, and wish for thousands of members (or more).

And I'm with you on dreaming big and turning wishes into realities. After all, I'm doing just that by creating products that draw thousands of students on a regular basis.

But it's all smoke and mirrors if you don't have the right tools. A big dream needs a big support system that's based in the real world. Without that, none of your dreams will come true

So, what are these bits and pieces that you need to have in your tool box? What are these critical components that will attract 100s or 1000s of new students or clients to your online course or program?

Well, start by asking yourself?

"Do I have the resources, like customer service and technical backup, to support that many students?"

This may seem like an afterthought. But don't forget that your marketing needs become more expensive and complex once you're dealing with a huge membership.

This is true, no matter which online product you create. While the combinations of products are virtually endless, they all fit under 3 main product types:




Most people start with the 1:1 system for their first product. Why? Because it's a simple one on one service or coaching package that doesn't require complicated systems or processes.

Once your business gains leverage, you can move onto the 1:Few model. Your end goal is the 1:Many program, but that's only when you can afford the customer service and support that so many students deserve.

Mind you, it takes a long time to get there. So focus on that bigger picture, but don't cheat and jump the line before you're ready. Make sure your business is at the point where you can support such a massive product type.

At this point, I'd like to introduce Belinda Griffin, one of my Experience Product Masterclass graduates. She would like to share her story of how her life changed when she finally mastered the 3-element strategy, "the right product at the right time for your business."

Like a lot of hopeful entrepreneurs, I quit my job to start my own business. In that first year, I had a total profit of absolutely nothing.

I had put my heart and soul into launching my own website. And after an entire year, all I had were a handful of guest posts and even fewer subscribers.

I was spending tons of time blogging for free, which was fun and easy. But it wasn't bringing in any money! At the end of the day, it was a hobby, not a real business. It didn't grow my revenue, and I knew I needed to make a change.

That's when I found Marisa. Instead of telling me to give up my business, she shared a video with me. That video about the Right Product, Right Market, Right Time was the game changer I needed to save my business.

After watching it, I realized I had to start slow. The eventual goal would be 50 or more students signing up for a high ticket course. But it has to start with 1:1 students, who I can serve without a huge support system.

After just 10 weeks of enrolling with EPM, I was ecstatic to see a deposit of $1,988 in my bank account! It wasn't millions, but it was a lot considering the year of zero profits I had before EPM.

That was just the beginning. Not only did I save a failing business, I now have the confidence to know I can grow my business and live the life I've always dreamed of!

This training has changed the lives of many people throughout the years. That's why I decided to offer it as a free resource that I could share with all of you.

Later on in the training, we'll be exploring the various types of products for each stage of your business. But for now, just keep in mind that the right type of product is the first and most important step in your online business.

The right type of product is one that will meet your students' expectations, build your online reputation, and generate consistent sales.

Element #2: Right Market

If you've studied anything about marketing trends, you've probably heard the term "launch process."

Marketing gurus love to go on and on about this - the slick marketing videos, working with copywriters and producers, email blast campaigns, Facebook ads, yada yada.

Are you scared yet? Don't worry, you're not alone. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs get overwhelmed right out the gate.

Because they're "experts," it's easy to buy into one of the biggest lies in the marketing biz?

That it's all about how BIG you can go with your product launch.

But here's the truth...

Even if you're an established entrepreneur with a great track record, investing in a big launch for a brand new product is a HUGE risk. If you're new to the game, it takes just one glitzy launch to sink your business for good.

So, here's the takeaway:

Don't waste your resources on big launch campaigns to market your product.

Instead, target the right market.

Targeting the right market means understanding your audience, what they need, and how to give it to them in the way they want to receive it. Creating a product without knowing these things is like running before you learn how to walk.

Here's my recommendation: Spend twice as much time on your target market as you do on the product launch and selling.

Element #3: Right Time

So we've talked about offering the right product at the right time. But what does the "right time" mean?

Basically, I'm talking about what stage of growth your business is in. Knowing the growth stage of your business is critical to deciding what products you should create.

Here are the 4 stages of Business Growth I talk about at Live Your Message: Blue Sky, Call Me, List Build, Authority

The first step is to familiarize yourself with each of these stages. That way, you can pick the right product type based on which stage of business growth you're in.

In the next pages, we'll be moving on to the different product types that are available to you. As you explore your options, refer back to the section below so you can match the right product type for your stage of business growth.

Here are the characteristics of each of the 4 Stages:

Blue Sky Stage: It's a new and untested business. You have a vague concept or message, but you're still trying to put it into a concrete business idea. You're struggling with doubts and anxiety over how to make your business a reality. You may have received some income here and there, but there's no consistent revenue. At the Blue Sky stage, you could make $2,500 one month, and nothing the next month. Expect your annual income to be less than $30,000.

You're still trying to figure out your target market.

You're struggling to create consistent revenue with your business.

Call Me Stage

You have a clear concept of your role i.e, expertise (consultant, coach, service professional, etc).

You know what services you can offer, and earn most of your income from 1:1 services.

You're making a decent income, but it could range anywhere from $30K to $100K a year.

You've decided on your target market, i.e, recent college grad solopreneurs or freelancing stay-at-home parents.

You're still not generating the consistent income that would give you peace of mind. It's more like "feast of famine," where some months are great, followed by months of little to no profit.

List Build Stage

You're starting to be known as a reputable source in your chosen field.

You're seeing a significant boost in your income, in the $100K to $500K range.

You're selling online courses and programs that are targeted to the right market.

You're considering the idea of personal branding, or developing a powerful brand that sets you apart from everyone else. But you're not quite sure how to get there.

You're building an effective email list that will grow your membership and bring in more sales.

Authority Stage

You're an expert in your chosen field, as an author, media personality, coach, or speaker.

Your solid reputation and online presence is proven by your consistent revenue.

Your annual earnings are anywhere from $500K to $5M (or more).

Your name is all over the place, from social media to high-traffic blogs. You may even be mentioned on radio and TV as an authority figure in your area of expertise.

You're focused on the strength of your reputation and ideas, which is directly related to the strength of your business.

You're branching out into writing books, speaking at events, and running live seminars, along with creating products. All these activities grow your business and bring in their own streams of income.

You're making a great living, but focused on finding new marketing and revenue streams. Doing so guarantees your business will grow and change with the times, thereby providing you a reliable and consistent source of income.

That's the key to long lasting success - doing the right things at the right time. Even if today is your very first day, it's the right time to start your journey as an online entrepreneur!

As I promised, here's where we talk about picking the right product for your business. Whether you're at the Blue Sky or Authority Stage, here's the question you should always ask yourself before creating a new product: "What type of product will guarantee maximum success, impact, and revenue at my specific stage of business growth?"

By now, you're familiar with the 4 Stages of Business Growth, though feel free to refer back to it at any time.

At this point, we'll be talking about the different types of products for each stage of business growth.

1:1 Programs (Blue Sky Stage)

Blue Sky entrepreneurs are still figuring out their right market and area of expertise. 1:1 products are perfect for this stage, since they're the least complicated to create and manage.

This stage is more about gaining experience than boosting your income. Yes, it's great to dream about that large and steady income, but that's not something that can happen overnight.

At the Blue Sky Stage, your focus is on what makes you unique, and how you can help others with the unique quality that you and no one else can provide.

The 1:1 approach allows you to figure this out and make the needed adjustments. By working directly with one client at a time, you can ask for feedback that will help you hone your skills and services.

Working one on one with clients also helps you decide on your own preferences. After all, a business can only grow so much if you don't enjoy and believe in what you're offering.

Last, but not least, you'll develop a clear vision of who you want to serve (target market) based on what you can offer.

The 4 Types of 1:1 Programs:

- Private 1:1 Coaching/ Consulting Sessions - These are sort of like therapy sessions, where you work privately with one client at a time. They're normally offered as hourly or 90-minute sessions, though most clients initially opt for the hourly session. The goal is to move onto 90-minute sessions offered as long-term packages so you can start to achieve consistent income.

- Higher-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Packages - These are long-term, deeply transformative programs that are sold as 1, 3, 6 or 12-month packages. They're often sold through private enrollment sessions, though they can also be sold at live events as high-ticket packages.

-VIP Day - You may have heard of these as "workshops" or "bootcamps." They're typically offered on a single day or weekend, and can be done virtually or in person. These are intense sessions where you deliver a specific outcome at the end of the day, so your audience can get fast, yet highly effective results.

- Done-For-You Services - This is the most specialized type of service, where you complete a specific task for your clients. People who offer Done-for-You services include copywriters, outbound sales strategists, Facebook ad specialists, and web designers. This type of service is highly sought by potential clients, since they would rather rely on experts than waste time and energy trying to figure it out on their own.

Your Next Step

Is your business at the Blue Sky stage? Check out the previous chapter on the 4 stages of business growth if you're not sure. If you're in the Blue Sky Stage, pause here and run through the above list of programs to see what type of product you'd like to offer.

1:Few Products (Call Me Stage)

The 1:Few Products type is ideal for entrepreneurs whose businesses are at the Call Me Stage.

By this point, you've gone through the trial and error phase of the Blue Sky stage. You've honed and sharpened your skills, and have greater confidence in what you can offer your students and clients.

Speaking of students and clients, you're pretty sure what your target market looks like. You know exactly what they're looking for, and what they need to achieve transformative results.

At this stage, you're ready to deliver those results to small groups of people, hence 1:Few.

There's a lot of debate about the word "few." Just how many people are we talking about? Well, this is where you have to decide what it means to you.

For some people, "few" could mean 20 to 30 people at one session. But that may be overwhelming if you're right at the beginning of the Call Me Stage.

Here's a great question to ask yourself:

"What's the max number of clients I can deliver results for, without sacrificing the quality of my product?"

Notice how there's no mention of maximum profit in this question. That would be the wrong goal to focus on at this point.

Right now, your goal is to establish a solid reputation in your field of expertise. Instead of immediate profits, focus on the long-term growth and success of your business.

Let's talk more specifically about long-term growth, and how 1:Few products can help you in this area.

First, 1:Few products give you "leverage," or the ability to use something to its maximum potential. Though you only create the program once, you can reach many people with that same product.

Another advantage is "beta testing," which you may be familiar with. This is where a company tests out and fine tunes a product by offering it to a small, select group of people.

You'll be doing exactly that when you work with small groups of students. So keep your eyes and ears open to see what works and what doesn't. Make sure what you're offering is exactly what your students are looking for.

Fine tuning your program at this stage will prep you for when you join the big leagues. By then, you'll already have a great product that works, so you can focus on growing and expanding your business.

Types of 1:Few Offers:

- Group Training Programs - This is the most basic 1:Few product, where you teach one specific subject to a group of people. They're usually done online as a masterclass or a series of classes. These live sessions are crucial to building your reputation and proving that you can deliver consistent results. Once you have a proven track record, you can use the recordings from your live session to create a timeless 1:Many product.

- Group Coaching Programs - Coaches provide support and guidance instead of teaching specific subjects. In a Group Coaching program, you'll be guiding your students towards a specific outcome through coaching calls. These programs can run for weeks or months at a time, sometimes up to a year. Although you're the coach, students also learn from each other, just like players on a professional sports team.

- Hybrid Coaching and Training Programs - This is the perfect product type if you can't decide between teaching and coaching. Hybrid Coaching programs are about teaching the subject and motivating your students to reach the finish line. This is one of the most rewarding roles you can have in a person's life, since you're seeing their transformation from start to finish.

- Done-With-You Services - This is not the same thing as Done-For-You Services, where you do all the work for your clients. In Done-With-You Services, your students do the work, but you're right there with them every step of the way. Essentially, you're offering feedback and advice as they work towards a specific goal, like making a website or building a sales strategy. You can do these in person, or through online workshops (like our Website in a Weekend program).

Your Next Step

Is your business at the Call Me stage? Check out the previous chapter on the 4 stages of business growth if you're not sure. If you're in the Call Me Stage, pause here and run through the above list of programs to see what type of product you'd like to offer.

The Story of Anne Whitehouse and Her Successful Leap from 1:1 to 1:Few

My healing business was doing pretty well, but I had been stuck in the 1:1 stage for years. As much as I loved these 1:1 sessions, I was completely exhausted, not to mention frustrated from not being able to reach more people.

Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass was exactly what I needed to transform my product into something more people could understand. With EPM, I was able to see the weaknesses in my product, and what I needed to change so that I could appeal to a wider audience.

I was blown away when I saw the figures at the end of my group program launch. From just that first launch, I signed up 23 people for a total of $11,974 in sales!

By the way, a lot of the women that signed up for my group program were subscribers I had known for years. They were on my email list, but were never tempted by any of my previous offers. But the product I created during EPM was what finally sealed the deal!

Clearly, what I came up with through EPM was something vastly different and much more relevant than what I had offered in the past.

1:Many Products (List Build and Authority Stage)

This is the dream - the big reward - for all your hard work and dedication. We've talked about the big picture before, and this is about as big as it gets for an online entrepreneur.

Why do you want to produce 1:Many products? Because it allows for two things:

- Leveraging your time and resources

- Creating unlimited revenue

This is the stage where you're creating multiple low-priced courses that draw hundreds to thousands of people at a time. On top of that, you're producing mid-priced programs designed for larger groups.

List Build and Authority business holders enjoy these benefits, thanks to 3 foundational pillars:

- Pillar #1: The customer service resources to handle thousands of customers

- Pillar #2: A large audience or platform, also known as a "tribe"

- Pillar # 3: A solid track record of transformative, long-term results for their students and customers

NOTE: All 3 pillars must be in place before you try a 1:Many product!

Be honest about whether you're still in the Blue Sky or Call Me Stage. Remember - building up to a List Build or Authority Stage takes time and effort. Put in the work with 1:1 and 1:Few offers before attempting your first

1:Many product

Types of 1:Many Offers:

- Live or Cohort-Based Online Course - These are long-term courses that take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to finish. It's an in-depth, immersive program that includes pre-recorded trainings, live trainings, coaching calls (private and group calls), and community support. Live courses usually take place once or twice a year. Cohort-based courses (i.e, group of students starting a course at the same time) can be offered every 3 months or more often.

- Continuity Program - This is one of the proven "make money while you sleep" programs. Essentially, customers pay a monthly membership fee for recurring services, like training sessions, scheduled calls, or physical products delivered right to their home.

- Evergreen or Automated Digital or Home Study Program - These are simple video or audio trainings that offer support and create engagement. They don't have the in-depth information of an online course, since they're meant for "easy listening" that you can use at any time. An example of an "evergreen" course is an audio series on learning Spanish that you can listen to in your car.

- Books and eBooks - These are also known as "gateway" items because they lead to higher end products and services. Keep in mind these are not meant to generate profits as standalone items. The point is to get people interested in your high level courses and products (your high ticket offers).

- Physical Products - You could have a lot of fun with these, since they can be anything from logoed merchandise to gourmet cupcakes. Physical products can be delivered once a month through a membership site, like an online book club where members receive a signed book once a month.

- Major In-Person Events - These are the big-ticket live events and seminars. They can last a day or more (retreats and weekend workshops), and they're designed for large groups of 100 or more people. At the highest level, audiences can even range into the 1000s. Events like these are platforms for master classes, long-term coaching packages, and other high-ticket programs.

Your Next Step

Is your business at the List Build or Authority stage? Check out the previous chapter on the 4 stages of business growth if you're not sure. If you're in the List Build or Authority stage, pause here and run through the above list of programs to see what type of product you'd like to offer.

Meet Nihal Kaur Who Successfully Made the Leap from 1:Few to 1:Many

Before meeting Marisa and taking the Experience Product Masterclass, we had 4 launches to announce a big, 2-day live event.

The first 2 launches were based on discovery sessions, where I spoke to every client on a one to one basis. Those produced exceptional sales.

After that, we switched to "leveraged" launches, where I took a backseat from the sales process. The results were disappointing, to say the least.

We learned an important lesson. If we weren't going to rely on my personal connection with each individual client, we had to have a clearer message. It needed to be more urgent, more relevant, so that people would be inspired to work with us.

The Experience Product Masterclass helped me get to the heart of my clients' needs. I'm showing them concrete, tangible results that I know they can achieve. I know they're achieving them because they tell me all the time!

What I realized was that you can't rely on just your reputation. Sure, that's important, but people come to my events because they know I'm offering exactly what they need to achieve their own incredible results.

Like they say, the proof is in the pudding. In my case, my fan mail and increased email open rate from 15% to 28% speaks for itself!

As far as online programs and digital information products go, there's no shortage of them. Millions of them are available to you at the click of a button.

But guess what? Less than 3% of the people who buy these products actually finish them.

That's an unbelievable failure rate of 97%!

But that's not all?

Most of these products attract 100 or less customers, meaning very little profit for the hard-working entrepreneur.

It's discouraging, but it shouldn't come as a surprise.

Think about it. The internet is a vast, unending matrix of free information. And you can access most of it in just seconds by typing in a few keywords.

This can be great on the one hand, but it also leads to "information overload." People get overwhelmed by the onslaught of information, and tune out just like students do when a professor lectures from a textbook.

What does this tell us? It means that information, on its own, won't cut it anymore.

What people need is a specialized, revolutionary form of knowledge transfer?

A new era of learning and teaching!

Join the Experience Product ® revolution, designed to increase dismal failure rates and help you achieve finish rates of 50-92%. That's right - over 50% of your customers and clients who cross that finish line and receive the life-altering results that you've promised them.

An Experience Product®, by the way, can be a wide variety of things. It can be a course, physical product, or training that's specialized for any service industry.

Unlike traditional courses, Experience Products® provide a unique learning experience based on techniques like gamification and adult learning psychology. This innovative curriculum works with the brain's natural chemistry to motivate students and push them to take action.

Each action will allow them to achieve results, and inspire them to continue pushing towards the finish line.

The key is to "experiencify" your information products with the following:

- Gamification. By gamifying your content, you can reward your students for completing specific modules in your trainings, like bonus content they would normally have to pay for. This makes the learning process fun and motivational, while enriching their knowledge base.

- Organize live meetups where community members can meet each other and share their game-changing tips and advice. Every online course will benefit from in person events where people offer feedback and encouragement.

- Create a system of accountability partners so your students can motivate each other throughout the process. This creates an online and offline community of support, where members help each other take action, or work through tough challenges.

Here's what I'm getting at...

Along with the right product, you need to create the right experience for your customer base. Even if you're offering the most relevant, high quality information, the delivery is where it really counts. When you create an enriching and engaging learning experience, that's when you've finally created a successful online product.

Oh, and let's not forget?

You can experiencify ALL your products, even 1:1 services. Add more of your own unique flavor to your coaching and consulting sessions, so your clients see the unique value that only YOU can offer.

Here's a phrase I've said countless times...

"Information informs. Experience transforms."

Think about it. Can you quit smoking just by reading books on how to do it? Of course not! Information on its own does not cause you to transform and make life-long changes. Experience Products® are about inspiring people who have been doubtful of their own abilities. It's about creating opportunities that make them feel proud and inspired about the person they're becoming. It's about getting to the heart of each person's hopes and dreams, and injecting an otherwise flat, ordinary set of facts with emotion.

In the words of Dr. Maya Angelou?

"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

What stays in a person's mind are the experiences you create for them. Instead of sharing information, start sharing experiences.

And that, my friends, is THE secret to creating and selling online programs and products that transform people, and create recurring sales from repeat buyers.

Congratulations! You've just learned about the 3-element strategy: the right product type for the right market at the right stage in your business.

You've also learned about experiencifying your products to create unlimited momentum and revenue flow in your online business.

With the Experience Products® system, I've been able to build a business that now earns me over $3 million a year.

Even better, I've created Experience Products® for dozens of markets, for tens of thousands of customers, who are achieving their own incredible results.

So if you're ready for a step-by-step guide that will change everything you ever thought about owning a business...

If you're ready to see record high sales and create unlimited revenue streams for you and your students...

Please check out my Experience Product Masterclass. In my signature program, I share the exact formulas and proven techniques to help you design, market, and sell your very own online product.

You'll learn all about creating powerful, transformative, relevant products for each product type category, ranging from 1:1 to 1:Many.

The proven formulas you'll learn in EPM work for any area of expertise, stage of business, or specialized niche.

Registration for Experience Product Masterclass is available only once a year. Enroll now to secure your spot for the class of 2020 :).

Thank you for joining me in this journey! I hope you enjoyed this guide, and feel motivated to grow your online business to its full potential.

One last thing:

Where are you currently in your online business? What do you think is the right product type for your business, and why?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section? I'd love to hear from you!

Murray loves building software platforms that make life easier for marketers and entrepreneurs. It's all he does. He's built many tools over the years and helped thousands of people start and grow their business, which is his driving motivation.

His latest project is Xperiencify -- a new LMS / online course platform that fixes the "dirty secret" of the online course industry (which is that 3% of people get results from the course they buy.) They do it with a powerful combination of psychology 🧠, gamification 🕹️ and Silicon Valley "black magic". 🥷