24 Real-World Popular Thinkific Examples

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So now that you’ve chosen Thinkific as your online course platform, you’d like to see some real-world Thinkific examples in action.

We’ve got you covered.

As you know, Thinkific is a popular online course platform that allows anyone to create a course with ease.

Hobbyists, solopreneurs, and companies small and large are selling their knowledge via an online course.

Use these examples of actual Thinkific courses to draw on for online course creation inspiration.

(For more information about the Thinkific platform, check out our Thinkific review and our list of Thinkific alternatives.)

1. Coastal Drone Co.

Thinkific Examples - Coastal Drone Co

Coastal Drone Co. is a Thinkific online course that offers pilot certification to drone pilots. Technically a WordPress site, Coastal Drone Co. uses Thinkific integration to power its courses.

They keep it simple with two choices for their drone pilot customers. A Basic Pilot Certification for new pilots is $95, or the Advanced Pilot Certification is $599. The latter being for advanced or full-time drone professionals.

2. Dakine Uke Co.

Thinkific Examples - Dakine Uke Co

Learn to play the ukulele with Dakine Uke Co. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced player, they offer two-hour live jam or online weekly sessions via Zoom.

Drop by for a $15 one-time session, or become a member at $49 per month. Watch and learn or just jump in and jam along.

This Thinkific example also will create three custom 45-minute private lessons for children based on their skill level.

3. Dani Mac Yoga

Thinkific Examples - Dani Mac Yoga

Dani Mac Yoga is a fantastic Thinkific membership site example based on a passion project.

Founder Dani Maclean posts new classes every week, and students can learn the basics of yoga practice, plus learn about yoga’s teachings and origins.

For $24 per month or $199 per year, students can access quick on-the-go tutorials or longer classes for those with the time.

Scroll through dozens of options to find your level of expertise. Try it free for seven days.

4. Dental Intel Training

Thinkific Examples - Dental Intel

If you wonder who uses Thinkific, look no further than the dental industry. Dental Intel is the world’s #1 software for tracking, analyzing, managing, and growing a dental practice.

They use the Thinkific site builder to help their users get the maximum value of their software. Access all their courses for free or attend a live training session.

Users can also easily access a help center if they run into technical issues.

5. DermEngine Academy

Thinkific Examples - DermEngine

DermEngine Academy powers its site with Thinkific so medical professionals can learn to use their artificial intelligence dermatology software.

With 70 lessons spread across three courses, users learn at their own pace while taking quizzes to test their knowledge.

DermEngine Academy currently offers all its classes for free.

6. DGtrainonline

Thinkific Examples - DGtrainonline

DGtrainonline uses Thinkific to provide courses to businesses that transport dangerous goods worldwide.

Lessons are done at the student’s own pace and are delivered via audio or video.

Upon passing the test, students can download their certification.

7. Dunbar Academy

Thinkific Examples - Dunbar Academy

With this Thinkific example, Dunbar Academy uses a great sales page to offer courses aimed at helping you train your dog to be well-behaved.

Students can also sign up for online or in-person dog training consultations from experts.

These Thinkific courses are offered for free or via paid subscriptions, and they also offer tutorials, eBooks, and how-to guides.

8. Elizabeth Rider

Thinkific Examples - Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider created a set of Thinkific courses that stair-step one into the next.

As a health expert turned blogger, her Thinkific courses help you take control of your own nutrition, with access to healthy recipes.

She also offers training to become a health coach, launch your own health blog, and create your own online wellness business.

9. GuitarZero2Hero

Thinkific Examples - GZ2H

Musician Dave Tran used Thinkific’s course builder to create guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players.

Once you master the basics, jump into more complicated techniques learning to play songs from popular artists.

Beyond free courses, GZ2H offers premium plans granting access to 170+ premium videos, PDFs, live online Q&A sessions, and other benefits.

10. Himalayan Academy

Thinkific Examples - Himalayan Academy

Himalayan Academy the educational arm of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery offers uplifting free and paid courses aimed at the teachings of Hinduism.

The Himalayan Academy uses a Thinkific landing page example to power its courses for teaching in the digital age.

The courses are illustrated and take anywhere from 10 minutes to a day to learn.

11. Kesler Science

Thinkific Examples - Kesler Science

Kesler Science offers another fantastic Thinkific membership site example aimed at middle school science teachers.

Using Thinkific, Kesler offers resources and lesson plans with downloadable files, activities, and editable interactive PowerPoint presentations.

This Thinkific sales page has FAQs, testimonials, video previews, benefits, and cost comparisons on their memberships/courses.

12. Key to Pictures

Thinkific Examples - Key To Pictures

This Thinkfic course platform created by Katie Evans offers a 4-week online video course teaching students the ins and outs of basic photography.

She also has other courses to take you from beginner to pro, even how to take perfect pics at Disney’s castles.

Kaite also uses Thinkfic’s built-in affiliate program to give students a finder’s fee for referring friends.

13. Lasater Yoga

Thinkific Examples - Lasater Yoga

With nearly three decades of experience, Judith Lasater is recognized as one of the leading Yoga teachers in North America.

She’s partnered with her daughter, Lizzie, and Thinkific to offer webinars, video, audio, FAQs, and testimonials on each course.

The caliber of teaching Judith grants allows students to also receive Yoga Alliance continuing education credit.

14. LoyaltyLion

Thinkific Examples - Loyalty Lion

LoyaltyLion allows e-commerce sites, such as Shopify, to offer rewards points programs to their most loyal shoppers.

Their Thinkific site helps business owners become go-to experts in e-commerce loyalty programs.

Learn to manage loyalty programs, retain customers, drive customer engagement, and more, all for free.

15. Olive Knits

Thinkific Examples - Olive Knits

Knitting enthusiast Maria Green founded Olive Knits, intending to create a virtual knit camp.

Using Thinkific, Olive Knits grew to offer her knitted products, blog, online courses, podcasts, audiobooks, and memberships to take her business to the next level.

She also rewards loyal members with exclusive access to knitting patterns and techniques.

16. Personal Development School

Thinkific Examples - Personal Development School

The Personal Development school teaches you to overcome mental obstacles using methods such as subconscious breakthrough tools created by the founder, Thais Gibson.

Thais has used Thinkific’s full suite of tools to offer quizzes, interactive workbooks, webinars, ebooks, discounts, bundles, an online community, and a resource library that’s hard to beat.

17. Rachel’s English Academy

Thinkific Examples - Rachel's English

With 15 courses, 300+ videos, and live classes, Rachel teaches non-native English speakers to understand English, proper diction, and fluency.

Beginning as a YouTube channel, Rachel’s English Academy joined the Thinkific platform and expanded her ability to extend resources to students.

Students have access to online courses, audio files, and a private Facebook group.

18. Regenerate Your Life

Thinkific Examples - Regenerate Your Life

Dan McDonald is a Certified Detoxification Specialist who has studied plant-based nutrition for over 15 years.

Using Thinkific, Dan teaches you how to juice and blend your way to a healthy detoxified lifestyle with raw fruits and vegetables.

His online courses are a great supplement to his digital products such as eBooks, supplements, and equipment.

19. Reliability Center

Thinkific Examples - Reliability Center

Based on Root Cause Analysis training, The Reliability Center teaches problem-solving techniques to mitigate risks, optimize costs, and generate ROI.

What used to be in-person training, now powered by Thinkific, The Reliability Center now offers training materials such as interactive sessions, downloadable files, bundles, and quizzes online.

Students can even earn final exam certificates.

20. Sew It Academy

Thinkific Examples - Sew It Academy

With over 60 courses, Sew It Academy teaches step-by-step clothing alterations and design. It’s a fashion school at a fraction of the price.

Using a Thinkific landing page design, Sew It Academy offers a great intro video from the founder, explains who it’s for, what you’ll learn, gives testimonials, and a free trial.

Choose an individual course or purchase a course bundle.

21. The Balanced Runner

Thinkific Examples - The Balanced Runner

This Thinkific example has four courses at four price points, all focused on running.

The Balanced Runner teaches you to run more effectively so you can be more comfortable, avoid injury, and increase your speed.

These online courses are a great stepping stone into higher-priced one-on-one coaching.

22. The Samurai Carpenter

Thinkific Examples - The Samurai Carpenter

For a more unique Thinkific example, check out The Samurai Carpenter.

With millions of YouTube subscribers, founder Jesse de Geest created a membership program called the Maker’s Mob to teach woodworking.

Jesse and his team have 500+ video lessons, live video hangouts, project plans, materials, and cut lists, all in addition to their private member’s forum.

23. The Weekly Oasis

Thinkific Examples - The Weekly Oasis

The Weekly Oasis is a simple and straightforward Thinkific landing page example.

Once you’re in, writers have access to writing courses and resources such as articles to help writers stay motivated.

And founder Jennifer Louden hosts a monthly video chat for members to share their creative journeys.

24. Train2PointO

Thinkific Examples - Train2PointO

Built with Thinkific’s online course builder and website builder, Train2Point0 is an online hockey training platform.

With a monthly or annual membership, students get unlimited access to all courses, weekly coaching calls, and a private Facebook group.

Anyone who wants to try it out before committing any money can use the 3-day free trial.

Now It’s Your Turn

So which Thinkific example inspired your own journey to becoming a course creator?

Whether you’re teaching students a new skill, a creative leading other creatives, or a business guiding customers new to using your product, Thinkific gives you the learning platform to do so.

Take advantage of Thinkific’s free plan to build your course content risk-free.

If you get stuck, come back here for ideas and inspiration. It’s your turn to be the next Thinkific example.