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30 Landing Page Builders for 2024 (+ Features & Pricing!)

Landing pages are a vital tool for digital marketing, but good luck trying to build an effective one without a landing page builder. 🙄

Landing pages are where you aim for visitors to take action.

You might want visitors to buy a product or sign up for a newsletter, for example.

The good news is that you don't have to build a landing page from scratch.

That's where landing page builders come in.

Let's take a look. 👀

Landing Page Builders: Critical Features

Marketers and entrepreneurs wear many hats in their companies, which means you have no time to waste.

And, with so many landing page builders available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

To start with, look for common features among your shortlist. These features will save you time, money, and help you make better, faster decisions.

Here are four critical features to look for in your ideal landing page software.

1. Easy-to-use visual builder.

The best page builders are easy to use and come with custom landing page templates.

You don’t need to learn any code to build effective landing pages.

Look for drag-and-drop page builders so you can create pages in minutes.

2. Integration with CRM software.

You need to easily handle the leads from your digital marketing campaign to follow them up efficiently.

Another critical feature of landing page builders is their integration with your CRM software.

Integration into your workflow will make your marketing automation easier.

3. A/B testing and optimization.

Landing page builders must make A/B testing and optimization easy.

For example, it should help you to test two pages that are identical bar one element.

You might want to test the difference between two images or a call to action.

A dedicated landing page builder should make this a cinch.

4. Analytic tools.

Analyzing which landing page works best should be painless too.

Good landing page builders include or integrate marketing analytics tools to measure clicks, visits, and actions.

Some builders integrate with specialized analytics tools, which record customer journeys on each landing page.

Best Landing Page Builders

Now that you know the critical features to look for, here are some of the best landing page builders.

🤓All pricing plans are monthly rates (unless otherwise noted); most offer a discount if paid annually.

1. HubSpot Landing Pages

landing page builders - HubSpot screenshot

HubSpot has a free landing page builder, as well as its free CRM marketing hub.

It’s simple to set up pages and analyze your landing page data. Deciding which page version works best is a breeze.

HubSpot has an easy-to-use page builder that integrates with all your other marketing tools.

HubSpot Landing Pages is suitable for individuals, small teams, large teams, and even agencies.


  • 13 free, industry-specific landing page templates
  • A drag-and-drop editor
  • HubSpot CRM integration
  • Painless A/B tests
  • Basic analysis tools
  • Personalized visitor pages or content
  • SEO keyword recommendations to optimize pages


  • The landing page builder is free to use, but to access more marketing features, you'll need to upgrade
  • Professional - $890/month
  • Enterprise - $3600/month

2. Landingi

landing page builders - Landingi screenshot

Landingi is a favorite of professional marketers who like its design capabilities. You can create industry-specific landing pages quickly using their templates.

The visual editor is powerful, so you can build a beautiful landing page quickly. If you know a little bit of HTML and CSS, you can tweak the pages too.

Landingi integrates with the most common CRM and email marketing systems.

It’s ideal for small business owners, professional marketers, and agencies.


  • A wide selection of templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Export pages to WordPress
  • Clear data analysis tool
  • Straightforward A/B tests


  • Free plan
  • Professional - $49/month
  • Agency - $149/month

3. OptimizePress

landing page builders - OptimizePress screenshot

OptimizePress is a WordPress landing page plugin. It’s easy to install and build landing pages.

You can create landing pages without using subdomains or importing the pages from other builders.

OptimizePress integrates with many CRMs or via Zapier.

There is no analysis package, so use Google Analytics. A/B tests are possible.


  • Easy-to-install plug-in
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • A large selection of templates
  • Suitable for individuals, small businesses, and agencies


  • Builder - $129/year
  • Suite - $199/year
  • Suite Pro - $249/year

4. AWeber Landing Pages

landing page builders - Aweber screenshot

AWeber is an all-in-one digital marketing solution that helps small businesses, creators, side hustlers, and marketing agencies.

It allows people to easily create beautiful landing pages with a drag-and-drop builder or save time with dozens of professionally-designed landing page templates.

You can capture new leads, make a sale, or promote an event using AWeber’s landing page builder or integrate it with hundreds of third-party apps and tools.

Then follow up with your customers with AWeber’s email marketing platform.


  • 100+ pre-built, mobile-responsive landing page templates
  • Direct integration with dozens of pre-built marketing funnels
  • Create and add Canva images without leaving the page builder
  • Feature-rich email marketing platform included
  • Publish pages to WordPress, custom domains, or subdomains
  • Ecommerce marketing integrations, including recurring or subscription payments


  • Free plan
  • Lite - $14.99/month
  • Plus - $29.99/month
  • Unlimited - $899/month

5. GetResponse

landing page builders - GetResponse screenshot

GetResponse is a combined marketing system, including its landing page builder.

It’s easy to create attractive landing pages. You can also use Shutterstock images or Giphy GIFs to create stunning pages.

GetResponse integrates with well-known CRM software to manage leads. It has A/B testing included. Use analytical tools like Facebook to measure your results.

GetResponse is so flexible it will appeal to solo marketers, and small and large companies.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • Attention-grabbing features
  • e-commerce packages
  • Pre-built marketing funnels
  • Publish to your domain or a custom domain


  • Free plan
  • Email Marketing - $19/month
  • Marketing Automation - $59/month
  • Ecommerce Marketing - $119/month

6. Mailchimp

landing page builders - Mailchimp screenshot

Mailchimp started as an email marketing tool. Now it’s a marketing platform, including the landing page builder.

Create your landing pages under one domain, and create landing pages from your existing Mailchimp audiences.

It’s ideal for individuals, start-ups, and larger companies. It’s easy and free to use.

But you need a paid account to get the analytics and A/ B testing.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Pre-installed templates
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • CRM integration
  • A/B testing
  • Integrated analytics


  • Mailchimp Free - $0
  • Mailchimp Essentials - $13/month
  • Mailchimp Standard - $20/month
  • Mailchimp Premium - $350/month

7. Unbounce

landing page builders - Unbounce screenshot

If you need a landing page creator without a website, use Unbounce.

It makes creating landing pages simple, quick, and effective.

Unbounce comes with hundreds of templates, or you can create pages from scratch.

Its analytics tool makes A/B testing easy.

Unbounce integrates with most CRMs, content marketing analytics tools, and content management systems.

It’s ideal for professional marketers, teams, and agencies.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Upload pages to WordPress
  • Use Unsplash images
  • 100’s of templates
  • Excellent CRM integration


  • Launch - $99/month
  • Optimize - $145/month
  • Accelerate - $240/month
  • Concierge - $625/month

8. Instapage

landing page builders - Instapage screenshot

With search engines prioritizing mobile experiences, Instapage has AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) functionality.

That means your mobile landing pages load quickly, and it’s easy to create superb user experiences for visitors.

The built-in analytics makes life easier for testing and analyzing your page performance too.

Another key feature of Instapage is collaboration, so you can review, approve and launch pages easily.

This makes Instapage excellent for teams and agencies working with clients.


  • A/B testing included
  • 500+ templates
  • CRM integration
  • Built-in analytics
  • Heatmaps


  • Build - $299/month
  • Convert - custom pricing

9. Squarespace

landing page builders - Squarespace

Squarespace is mainly a website builder, but you can use it to build landing pages.

If you run a small business, Squarespace is an attractive option due to its built-in shop, email marketing, basic analytics, and templates.

Use Google Analytics and Google Optimize for detailed analytics and A/B tests. And use Zapier to integrate with your CRM.


  • Simple drag-and-drop page building
  • Pre-built page templates
  • Basic analytics


  • Personal - $23/month
  • Business - $33/month
  • Commerce (Basic) - $36/month
  • Commerce (Advanced) - $65/month

10. Leadpages

landing page builders - Leadpages screenshot

Making landing pages with Leadpages is straightforward enough. Yet, its visual editor is not as easy to use as the alternatives.

That said, you benefit from built-in analytics and templates, so you can set up and analyze tests quickly.

Integrating with other applications, like CRMs, is simple. However, you can’t export your landing pages to other websites.

Leadpages is ideal for teams, agencies, or enterprises.


  • Built-in analytics
  • Free custom domain
  • Unlimited A/B testing (on selected packages)
  • Unlimited traffic and leads


  • Standard - $49/month
  • Pro - $99/month

11. Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize

landing page builders - Thrive screenshot

Thrive Architect and Optimize are two WordPress tools within a suite for creating landing pages and A/B testing.

You build your first landing page with Thrive Architect and duplicate it with Thrive Optimize.

Make the change to a variable on one page, publish it, and measure the difference with Thrive Optimize.

Thrive tools are easy to use and make it easy to create and test landing pages.

Thrive is ideal for small or large businesses with WordPress websites. CRM integration is not included.


  • Simple visual editor
  • Pre-built templates
  • Analytics included
  • Unlimited tests


  • Thrive Suite Yearly - $299/year

12. LaunchRock

landing page builders - LaunchRock screenshot

LaunchRock is a specialized landing page builder aimed at a particular business type—startups.

If you have a business to start but don't have an audience yet, LaunchRock is a good fit.

It helps you create a landing page, optimize it, analyze the data, and market to your leads before you start.

LaunchRock also offers comprehensive training and support to help your startup business.


  • Easy optimization
  • Pre-built templates
  • WYSIWYG page builder
  • Integrated Analytics, Email & CRM
  • Use custom domains or subdomains


  • Monthly - $29.00/month
  • Lifetime Access - $349

13. KickOffLabs

landing page builders - KickOffLabs screenshot

KickoffLabs has an intriguing viral approach to creating landing pages.

It helps you market your landing page via social media influencers by offering them incentives.

The more people share your site, the more rewards you can give them.

The builder is easy to use if you start from scratch. You start with a campaign goal and create a suitable landing page.

Or use one of over 60 templates.

Kickofflabs suits hobbyists, and small and big businesses.



  • Hobby - $29/month
  • Premium - $75/month
  • Business - $149/month
  • Enterprise - $299/month

14. ShortStack

landing page builders - ShortStack

When social contests, quizzes, or giveaways are part of your promotional strategy, take a look at Shortstack.

The integrated system enables you to create landing pages quickly, promote them through social media, analyze the data, and handle email marketing campaigns.

Shortstack integrates with external apps, including Google Analytics, Shopify, and Facebook.

Shortstack is ideal for small businesses, agencies, and brands.


  • Team collaboration tools (on Agency & Enterprise levels)
  • Use integrated or external analytics
  • Embed landing pages on websites
  • Run social media contests
  • Brand awareness
  • Email marketing


  • Business - $199/month
  • Agency - $249/month
  • Brand - $499/month
  • Enterprise - custom pricing

15. ConvertFlow

landing page builders - ConvertFlow screenshot

Convertflow has the features you would expect in a landing page builder app and more.

For example, your pages can include conditional actions that adapt to how visitors react to them.

You can automate your landing pages to trigger other built-in apps, including your email marketing system or CRM.

This makes it easy to synchronize your lead generation and use your existing systems.

The Convertflow pricing options and features make it attractive to individuals, e-commerce websites, agencies, and marketing teams.



  • Free Plan
  • Launch - $99/month
  • Pro - $300/month
  • Scale - $600/month
  • Autopilot - custom pricing


landing page builders - screenshot takes a different approach to creating landing pages.

It’s about helping you to build an interactive marketing funnel that adapts to potential customers.

Create lead pages with the drag-and-drop editor to use as a standalone page or embed it on your website. integrates with leading CRMs, email marketing platforms, and analytical tools.

Its pricing makes it attractive to individuals, teams, and companies.


  • Easy interactive element creation
  • Ready-made templates
  • Built-in analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Team tools


  • Free plan
  • Starter - $25/month
  • Professional - $75/month
  • Business - $195/month


landing page builders - screenshot

To start your eCommerce business, you need several systems. It can be overwhelming and expensive.

You need a website, a blog, email marketing, landing pages, analytics, and more. tackles this challenge with its all-in-one service. It saves you time and money.

The system is perfect for affiliate marketers, dropshippers, or people selling online courses.



  • Free plan
  • Startup - $27/month
  • Webinar - $47/month
  • Unlimited - $97/month

18. Wishpond

landing page builders - Wishpond screenshot

Wishpond helps you generate leads on landing pages, pop-ups, or quizzes.

In addition to real-time analytics, you can monitor your site’s visitor actions and segment leads into lists.

It's easy to set up A/B tests. And the system helps you optimize pages for mobile devices and search engines.

Wishpond is ideal for agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Email and marketing automation included
  • Integrated analytics & A/B testing
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Extensive CRM integration
  • Custom domains


  • Contact for pricing

19. Ucraft

landing page builders - Ucraft screenshot

Learn how to create a landing page without a website with Ucraft.

Why? Because it’s free.

Landing page pricing can be an obstacle. Since start-up funds are usually tight, Ucraft is an appealing option.

Create a landing page with one of the templates, or start from scratch.

Analyze your results with Google Analytics, integrate them with the free Hubspot CRM, and you have a powerful landing page builder for nothing.

The only missing feature is built-in A/B testing.


  • Free hosting and custom subdomain
  • Visual page builder
  • Multiple templates


  • Free plan
  • Pro Website - $10/month (billed annually)
  • Pro Shop - $21/month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited - $69/month (billed annually)

20. ClickFunnels

landing page builders - ClickFunnels screenshot

No website? No problem. Clickfunnels is a marketing platform that helps you create high-converting landing pages, sales pages, and follow-up pages, as well as upsell, order, and thank you pages.

You can analyze your leads and perform A/B tests in one system.

And then follow-up leads from the contact database.

Clickfunnels is ideal for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and local and small businesses.


  • Integrated analysis and tests
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Ready-made templates


  • Basic - $147/month
  • Pro - $197/month
  • Funnel Hacker - $297/month

21. Wix

landing page builders - Wix screenshot

Wix is mainly a website-building tool with landing page templates.

Nevertheless, it has most of the tools you need to build landing pages, including analytics and an integrated CRM.

However, it lacks A/B testing.

Building a Wix landing page is simple, making it ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses.


  • Built-in analytics, CRM, and email marketing
  • Free domain with a paid plan
  • Drag-and-drop page design


Wix has different pricing plans for different services


  • Free plan
  • Combo - $16/month
  • Unlimited - $22/month
  • Pro - $27/month
  • VIP - $45/month

Business & eCommerce

  • Business Basic - $27/month
  • Business Unlimited - $32/month
  • Business VIP - $59/month


  • Custom pricing

22. Carrd

landing page builders - Carrd screenshot

Carrd is another option for tight budgets. Create landing pages for free with Carrd's simple, intuitive interface to test your ideas.

You'll need to use Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels to track and analyze your results.

But you can integrate Carrd with many well-known CRMs. One letdown is the lack of A/B testing.

Carrd is ideal for both individuals and small businesses.


  • Create multiple landing pages
  • Easy-to-use page builder
  • Use custom domains


  • Free plan
  • Pro - $19/year

23. Google Sites

landing page builders - Google Sites screenshot

If you don't have a budget for creating landing pages, try Google Sites. All you need is a Google account, and you can create simple landing pages for free.

With its simple drag-and-drop editor and responsive templates, it’s easy to design pages.

You can use a custom domain name and Google Analytics to understand what works.

Unfortunately, it lacks A/B testing. And integration with external CRMs is not simple.

Google Sites is best suited to individuals and small businesses.


  • Simple drag-and-drop page builder
  • Integrates with Google products like Forms
  • Analysis with Google Analytics


  • Free

24. SendinBlue

landing page builders - SendinBlue screenshot

SendinBlue's landing page builder is part of a complete marketing system.

Its page builder has a smooth user interface that makes it easy to create pages.

Built-in A/B testing, CRM, and analytics make it an appealing choice for small businesses.


  • Integrated CRM, analytics, and A/B testing
  • Use multi-channels for your campaigns
  • Marketing automation included
  • Super-smooth page builder
  • Lead segmentation


  • Free plan
  • Starter - $25/month
  • Business - $65/month
  • Brevo Plus - custom pricing

25. Gutenberg (WordPress 5)

landing page builders - Gutenberg screenshot

The Gutenberg update to the WordPress interface transformed the popular content management system for users.

With its drag-and-drop interface, users can now design web pages with ease.

And that includes building landing pages effortlessly.

The Gutenberg interface, however, is only a design tool. You need a theme, other tools, plugins, and integrations for A/B testing, CRM, and analytics.

Yet, creating an effective landing page in WordPress is now much easier.


  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Rich media blocks to build effective pages


Gutenberg is a part of WordPress 5, which is free.

26. Divi

landing page builders - Divi screenshot

Divi is a WordPress theme that includes a drag-and-drop page builder. With Divi, you no longer need a web designer to create effective landing pages in WordPress.

However, Divi is only one element in your landing page toolkit.

For Divi, you need analytics, A/B testing, and CRM integration plugins to have a complete solution.

Individuals, web designers, and small businesses will find Divi helpful.


  • Flexible page design
  • Low cost


  • Yearly - $89/year
  • Lifetime Access - $249

27. Makeswift

landing page builders - Makeswift screenshot

Makeswift helps you to create landing pages quickly and easily.

Its integrated split tests, analytics, and connections to email marketing tools like Mailchimp made it a popular choice for marketers.

In addition, the price made it accessible to individuals and businesses.


  • Integrated A/B testing and analytics
  • Zapier integrations with other apps
  • Custom landing pages
  • Drag-and-drop editor


  • Free plan
  • Pro - $75/month
  • Enterprise - custom pricing

28. Elementor

landing page builders - Elementor screenshot

Anyone with a WordPress website who needs to build landing pages should consider Elementor.

It’s a free WordPress plugin that helps you design pages rapidly. And you have total control over how your landing page looks.

There are no integrated A/B testing capabilities, CRM, or email marketing tools.

Yet, Elementor makes it easy to integrate your favorite tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or Google Analytics.

Its pricing plan and ease of use mean Elementor is suitable for individuals and businesses alike.


  • Drag-and-drop page editor
  • Customizable templates
  • Form builder included
  • Free to use


  • Essential - $59/year
  • Advanced - $89/year
  • Expert - $159/year
  • Agency - $279

29. Themify

landing page builders - Themify screenshot

Another option to build landing pages on your WordPress site is Themify’s Builder plugin.

It’s a drag-and-drop landing page tool that, after some practice, helps you build attractive landing pages quickly.

You can use your existing site analytics, A/B testing, and CRM integration to analyze the data.



  • Free

30. LeadQuizzes

landing page builders - LeadQuizzes

Struggling to generate leads? LeadQuizzes lets you create unique quizzes, surveys, and forms to engage your audience, scale your business, and promote your brand with no coding required.

It's a drag-and-drop quiz builder, easily embedded on a website or as a popup.

You can also seamlessly share it via email and social media or run it as a targeted paid ad.

LeadQuizzes also includes real-time analytics to help you make smarter marketing decisions with actionable insights, deep-dive response analysis, and easy data export.


  • Drag-and-drop quiz builder
  • Real-time analytics
  • Hosted URL
  • Integrates with Facebook Pixel and Google Ads


  • Standard - $49/month
  • Pro - $99/month
  • Premium - $249/month

Which Is the Best Landing Page Builder for You?

As you can see, there are dozens of landing page builders on the market.

It’s essential to choose the right tool for your business.

Whatever you choose, it needs to help you learn how to get the best results from people visiting your landing pages.

Selecting the ideal solution for your business should now be much easier.

Now go out there and start building that high-converting landing page for your business!

Will Hawkins is a digital marketing consultant who runs his own SEO, CRO, and content marketing agency, Digital Business. Will is a Smart Blogger certified content marketer.