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Online Training Software for Employees (23 Top Picks for 2024!) 👩‍💻

As a corporate trainer, you want to be updated on the latest employee training technology, but how do you know which online training software is the best fit?

After all, the options seem limitless, and it feels like an impossible task.

That’s where we come in!

To start, you first need to know how your employees learn best, where their skill gaps are, and what training tools they’re most likely to use consistently.

Then it’s just a matter of choosing the right online training software.

Let’s help you out with that, shall we?

Key Features of Online Training Software

Finding the best online employee training software for your business is easier when you know which features to look for, from your “must-haves” to your “nice-to-haves”.

Which of the following belongs in either of those camps?

  • Online multimedia course creation
  • Customizable training platform
  • All-in-one functionality (no need to mix and match software solutions)
  • Virtual classrooms with online chat and knowledge base integration
  • Gamification to maximize professional development
  • Progress monitoring with analytics and reporting
  • Self-support knowledge centers
  • Full-featured apps for access on mobile devices
  • Seamless integration with other platforms (CRM, etc.)
  • Simple installation process with scalability
  • Takes into account different learning styles for a seamless learning process
  • Options for blended learning

Ultimately, you want something you and your team will find easy to set up and use, with all the features you need to meet both short- and long-term training goals.

☝️Pro Tip: Before you get started, you should conduct a training needs analysis to make sure you're tailoring your online training to your specific business needs.

Benefits of Online Training Software

The most significant advantage of online learning programs is their flexibility; employees can access them whenever and wherever is most convenient.

online training software - laptop with learners on the screen and coffe cup beside the laptop

This alone makes online training software the ideal choice for distance learning if you've got staff working remotely.

Training staff can choose the right employee training program for each employee and allow them time during the workday to make progress.

New employees can fit onboarding courses into their work schedules.

The advantages don’t stop there. Using an online training platform helps your staff in a variety of ways:

  • No need for a lengthy or costly commute for in-person training
  • No need for on-site space and time for in-person guided training
  • Online training can target and fill specific knowledge gaps
  • A learning management system (LMS) tracks user progress
  • Online software typically provides online user support
  • Staff with technical know-how can modify training content as needed

Types of Online Training Software

All businesses are not the same, so it makes sense that the best training software comes in a variety of options from full-featured training suites to individual training tools to customizable knowledge bases.

Each of the following types of online employee training software provides its own selection of tools, features, and resources.

1. Corporate LMS

A corporate LMS brings all the tools you need for course creation, progress tracking, compliance training, and more into one user-friendly package.

Budget-wise, some LMS software is best for large corporations, while others target small to medium businesses or franchises.

2. Digital Adoption Platforms

Digital adoption platforms (DAP) provide the user-friendly tools needed for in-app training, allowing for effective, scalable skill development from directly inside software applications.

Interactive walkthroughs, onboarding flows, and comprehensive knowledge bases within the software provide all the in-app content needed to turn employees into knowledgeable experts.

3. Knowledge Management System

A knowledge management system (KMS) is a comprehensive, online self-service knowledge center for employees.

It essentially provides an internal company wiki a one-stop source for all the answers your employees are likely to seek when learning about the company.

Investing in a KMS upfront saves time by minimizing HR questions and support tickets.

4. Video Training Software

Video training software allows you to create branded online video content for onboarding, training, and educating your team members.

If you see training videos as the core of your employee development strategy, this or an LMS with video training software is your best option.

Best Online Training Software

Now it’s time to check out our top picks for the best online training software.

1. Whatfix

online training software - Whatfix screenshot

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform (DAP) used to create onboarding and employee training programs for software platforms like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Key Features:

  • Easy to create in-app content like guided walk-throughs, tutorials, and tooltips
  • Self-support knowledge bases
  • Personalized employee learning flows
  • No-code online course creation
  • Analytics to monitor and report on user progress

Best for:

  • Any organization looking for a comprehensive online training solution


2. Apty

online training software - Apty screenshot

Another digital adoption platform, Apty provides HR teams with the content creation tools they need for interactive, in-app tutorials and insightful tooltips.

The aim is to build employee proficiency and boost productivity with your chosen software tools.

Key Features:

  • Customizable in-app training course creation
  • On-screen, interactive walk-throughs
  • User progress tracking and analytics
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Simple and easy setup

Best for:

  • Enterprises of all sizes


3. TrainerCentral

online training software - TrainerCentral screenshot

TrainerCentral is a comprehensive training platform to create, promote, and sell online courses. Design online courses with all of the fine-tuned features that help reflect your knowledge and guarantee thorough learning.

Key Features:

  • Website builder (with custom domain)
  • Media-rich course creator
  • Live workshops
  • Online tests
  • Flexible sales tickets
  • Learner mobile app

Best for:

  • For individual trainers, training agencies, and organizations to train internal employees


  • Freemium
  • Custom pricing

4. Learn (fka Mindflash)

online training software - Learn screenshot

Mindflash is now Learn part of the new Trakstar Trifecta. Its primary focus is solving customers’ biggest challenges with online software training not just for employees but for agents, contractors, customers, resellers, and other business partners.

Key Features:

  • Good support for Word, PowerPoint, pdf, and video formats
  • Customizable training with user-friendly dashboard
  • No setup required
  • Automatic grading, yammer applications, and reporting
  • iPad app available

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for an all-in-one online training platform.


5. Lessonly

online training software - Lessonly screenshot

Lessonly is an online employee training package with in-app coaching software for continuous training and skill development, with personalized tips and feedback.

Custom-authored online training course builds critical skills, while on-demand practice exams and quizzes test the training’s effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Simplified drag-and-drop course creation
  • On-demand practice exams and quizzes
  • Internal knowledge base (wiki)
  • User analytics and actionable insights
  • Mobile app

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for online employee training programs with in-app coaching.


6. DigitalChalk

online training software - Digital Chalk screenshot

DigitalChalk is an all-in-one, web-based learning management system that uses a multimedia approach (with animations, PowerPoint presentations, videos, images, etc.) to create the world’s #1 training choice for continuing education businesses.

Key Features:

  • Customizable delivery and flexible designs
  • Progress tracking with rewards
  • Built-in shopping integration with multiple currencies, taxes, and app store
  • Real-time analytics and full API support
  • Secure public and private training

Best for:

  • Continuing education businesses


7. Docebo

online training software - Docebo screenshot

Docebo is a cloud-based AI-powered LMS that gives users access to high-quality crowdsourced employee training programs. It’s also available in 32+ languages.

Key Features:

  • Easy access to crowdsourced online training programs
  • Custom course creation software for employee training
  • AI-powered learning with automated admin tasks
  • Access to a variety of online learning methods
  • Analytics and reporting

Best for:

  • Larger enterprises


8. iSpring Suite / iSpring Learn

online training software - iSpring screenshot

iSpring Suite allows you to create eLearning content on PowerPoint, add interactive learning and assessment tools, and track learning and progress on any modern platform.

Key Features:

  • Interactive mobile-friendly learning
  • eLearning authoring in MS PowerPoint
  • Built-in resource library
  • 200+ ready-to-use online course templates
  • Video and audio narration

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for employee training software that integrates with PowerPoint


  • Free trial
  • iSpring Suite Max: $970/year (1 author)*
  • iSpring Suite: $770/year (1 author)*

*iSpring offers discounts for multiple authors

9. TalentLMS

online training software - TelentLMS screenshot

As a corporate training LMS platform, TalentLMS allows you to either quickly create eLearning courses or use one of its own.

Automation technology helps you spend less time on repetitive tasks so you can spend more time creating.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop course creation
  • Interactive quizzes and tests
  • Live (online) learning sessions
  • Analytics to monitor training progress
  • Customizable design and branding

Best for:

  • Corporations wanting a user-friendly LMS with a focus on employee training, onboarding, and compliance training. `


  • Free for up to 5 users and up to 10 courses
  • Paid plans start at $59/month

10. SkyPrep

online training software - SkyPrep screenshot

SkyPrep is an award-winning online training program and LMS that simplifies employee training while making employees part of a company’s success story.

Key Features:

  • Employee onboarding and development programs
  • Compliance training
  • Virtual classroom with integrated webinar tools
  • Course monetization option with eCommerce tools
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Enterprise-grade security (PCI-DSS Compliant)

Best for:

  • Enterprises looking for an LMS that simplifies training


11. SmarterU

online training software - SmarterU screenshot

SmarterU targets all the common pain points of web-based employee training programs. Fully featured and SCORM-compliant, it offers integrated course-building software and an executive dashboard.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly course-builder
  • Quizzes, exams, and games.
  • No need for programming skills or tech expertise
  • Knowledge base creation and storage
  • Post-course evaluation

Best for:

  • Large enterprises of all kinds, corporate trainers, franchisors, and associations


12. SAP Litmos

online training software - SAP Litmos screenshot

Another enterprise LMS, SAP Litmos, provides corporations with the tools to create online courses and training programs. It comes with an extensive library of video content.

Key Features:

  • Automated personalized training programs
  • Brandable custom course authoring
  • Embedded AI
  • Gamification
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integration with all other SAP products

Best for:

  • Enterprises in the technology, nonprofit, retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries


13. LearnUpon

online training software - LearnUpon screenshot

LearnUpon is another LMS with tools designed for building, assigning, monitoring, and measuring corporate employee training from one centralized online hub.

Key Features:

  • Custom eLearning course creation with automated workflows
  • Automated analytics tracking and reporting
  • Seamless integration with a vast number of complementary tools
  • Knowledge base creation
  • Compliance training

Best for:

  • Corporate HR teams


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $1,249/month

14. Xperienicfy

Xperiencify is a revolutionary online training platform that uses gamification and 7 psychological triggers to challenge, engage, and delight corporate learners.

Key Features:

Best for:

  • Corporate trainers looking to infuse a little fun into employee training


  • Free trial there is no charge until you’re ready to launch your course(s)
  • Plans start at $49/month

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15. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

online training software - Adobe Captivate Prime screenshot

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS gives users control over training materials creation and uses an AI-based system to recommend and personalize courses that complement each employee’s daily work.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered course recommendations and personalization
  • Native integrations with industry-leading tools
  • Gamification and social learning
  • One LMS for all your training needs
  • Custom course authoring

Best for:

  • Companies looking for an LMS with creative control and personalization


16. WizIQ

online training software - WizIQ screenshot

WizIQ offers affordable virtual classrooms and learning management software. It also helps you customize your logo, banner, URL, favicon, and color scheme to fit your brand.

Key Features:

  • Secure, web-based content library
  • Tests and online exams with performance feedback
  • Support for multiple tutor accounts
  • Secure video-hosting and streaming
  • Mobile apps available

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for online tutoring software with virtual classroom and design help


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $25/month, billed annually.

17. Electa Live

online training software - Electa Live screenshot

Electa Live is another LMS and online eLearning platform with virtual classroom software and content creation tools. It also integrates with existing applications to create a collaborative online learning environment.

Key Features:

  • Live virtual classrooms, training sessions, and online meetings
  • Collaboration tool for online training and meetings
  • Support for unlimited learner profiles
  • Individual or group access to courses and training material
  • Online discussion forums with unlimited discussion groups

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for an LMS with virtual classroom and collaboration tools


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $29.90/month

18. LearnAmp

online training software - LearnAmp

LearnAmp takes the standard LMS selling points and adds employee engagement and performance management features.

Set up automated custom training pathways to ensure each student has the best experience, whatever their professional goals.

Key Features:

  • Easy, brandable course creation with customizable quizzes and tests
  • Training analytics, reporting, and data visualization for measuring ROI
  • 24/7 access with performance appraisals
  • Analytics and data visualization for measuring ROI
  • Setup for live webinars and training events

Best for:

  • Enterprises looking for an LMS with custom training pathways


  • Contact for a custom quote

19. Thinkific

online training software - Thinkific screenshot

Thinkific is a popular online training software that offers a simple way for creators to make money doing what they love. Create and modify content, recycle it, market it, and sell it on the same platform.

Key Features:

Best for:

  • Users looking for easy-to-use training software with setup for affiliate rewards.


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $39/month

(To read up more on Thinkific, check out our comprehensive Thinkific review, deep-dive into Thinkific's pricing plans, and our list of Thinkific alternatives.)

20. MobieTrain

online training software - MobieTrain screenshot

MobieTrain is an excellent choice for companies with frontline employees. It uses smaller 5-minute microlearning training sessions with built-in gamification, which has improved retention by around 50%.

Key Features:

  • Interactive dashboard to monitor progress and gain feedback.
  • Micro-sized mobile-friendly training
  • Newsfeed and polling functionality
  • Integrations with other popular LMS platforms
  • Course authoring tool to create custom learning paths

Best for:

  • Best for companies that rely on frontline employees.


  • Free trial
  • Custom pricing

21. Raptivity

online training software - Raptivity screenshot

Raptivity prioritizes learner engagement, using eye-catching displays, special effects, and inventive games and quizzes to make your training content captivating and memorable.

Key Features:

  • Live web-based or mobile learning
  • Microlearning approach with goal-setting and tracking
  • Game-based and quiz-based interactions
  • Selection of ready-made games to use
  • SCORM and xAPI compliant and LMS-compatible

Best for:

  • Instructors, creators, and subject matter experts looking for an interactive training solution that maximizes learner engagement


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $15/month

22. BrainCert Enterprise LMS

online training software - BrainCert screenshot

BrainCert Enterprise LMS lets you create and sell online courses, test learner retention, and train your clients virtually with four products integrated into one intuitive learning platform.

Key Features:

  • Social learning platform
  • Brandable enterprise LMS
  • Virtual Classroom as a Service (VCaaS)
  • Real-time web conferencing
  • REST-based developer API
  • Four products integrated into one platform

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for a cloud-based, all-in-one LMS


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $79/month

23. Trainual

online training software - Trainual screenshot

Trainual is an all-in-one employee training platform and knowledge base creator for SMB and growth enterprises. Authoring tools with hundreds of ready-made templates help HR departments create custom training and compliance programs.

Key Features:

  • Integrations with hundreds of workplace apps, including Slack, Gusto, etc.
  • Automation for routine tasks like employee onboarding
  • Searchable knowledge base creation
  • Easy access to Trainual content on desktop or mobile devices

Best for:

  • SMB and growth companies


  • Free trial
  • Plans start at $49/month

Which Online Training Software Will You Try?

The best employee training software has all the features you’re looking for and makes setup easy, so you can start your employee training right away.

Now that you’ve looked through our top picks for online training software, we’re confident you’ve found the perfect choice for your business.

So pick one to empower your employees and watch employee motivation and retention soar!

Sarah Lentz is a certified freelance writer and published author who blogs about health and beauty for women in their 40s and up. She also enjoys helping clients turn their ideas into ghostwritten books and blog posts.