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19 AI Marketing Tools to Boost Your Marketing in 2024

Listen up! Artificial intelligence in marketing is here, y'all!

And if you're a digital marketer, you don't want to be left in the dust of AI technology, so you're going to want to use AI marketing tools to stay in the game.

So here’s a list of AI marketing tools that will help you take the load off your content strategy, content planning, and content creation.

Using an AI marketing platform is a life-saver, and there are tools for nearly every aspect covered in this post – tools to help you optimize your content marketing and AI content creation every step of the way.

AI Marketing Tools

1. Brand24

ai marketing tools - Brand24 screenshot

Brand24 is best for social listening on social platforms and analyzing that information into useful monitoring reports.


  • Gather real-time insights from 25 million online sources into an easy-to-view format
  • See what people are saying online about a brand and categorize them into positive, negative, and neutral mentions in a full report
  • Filter out the mentions that are important from the insignificant
  • Measure and report your PR coverage
  • Track your reach and competitive analysis of your marketing efforts against those of your competitors
  • Save time with marketing automation and share the stats and insights with your team
  • Get to know your customers, see what they are saying online, and where
  • Make better business decisions that resonate with your target audience
  • Measure hashtag reach, track the most important metrics and their volume


Starts at $79 per month for individuals tracking small brands, $179 for teams, the popular pro plan for $199, and $399 for large businesses. Annual plans are slightly cheaper and include two months free.

2. Acrolinx

ai marketing tools - Acrolinx screenshot

Acrolinx is best specifically for businesses who want to scale their branding and improve their content marketing with an AI marketing tool.


  • Analyzes your company’s current content and then makes suggestions for better brand alignment in terms of style, tone, voice, grammar, and word choice
  • Accelerates the editorial process with automation
  • Connects with Google Docs and WordPress


Provided on request.

3. Influencity

ai marketing tools - Influencity screenshot

Influencity is best for businesses and agencies that want to use influencer marketing as part of their marketing efforts to target more niche audiences (an effective method when used right).


  • Helps you pinpoint ideal influencers
  • Review accurate and unbiased stats quickly
  • Organize your chosen influencers and manage them easily
  • Optimize your top-performing campaigns based on yield reports


Set up a custom price or start with the basic plan at $168/month, the professional plan at $348/month, or the top-tier business plan at $698/month.

4. Chatfuel

ai marketing tools - Chatfuel screenshot

Chatfuel is for companies that want AI-driven virtual assistance (aka chatbots to handle initial client conversations).


  • Easy-to-use interface, drag-and-drop chat builder allows you to customize the chat flow using relevant keyword triggers
  • Automates assisting customers with an FAQ page or guiding them through your sales funnel with discount codes, etc.


For use on Facebook and Instagram, you can start with a free one-month trial, or $14.99/month for entrepreneurs, $24.99/month for a startup, $59.99/month for small businesses, or $119.99 for a growing business.

For use on Whatsapp, plans start at $49/month, or you can set up a custom plan for your enterprise from $300 and up.

5. SEMRush

ai marketing tools - SEMRush screenshot

SEMRush is best suited for SEO marketing (Search Engine Optimization), helping you generate and create content that is optimized for search engines.

This helps your content/business be found online when customers search using keywords relevant to your business.



Starts at $119.95/month, with two higher-tier plans at $229.95 and $449.95 per month. The first two tiers offer free trial periods.

6. Seventh Sense

ai marketing tools - Seventh Sense screenshot

This AI email marketing tool is best for optimizing an email marketing campaign because it uses AI-empowered behavior profiling to show you how best to get your customers’ attention.


  • Shows you which times are best to send your emails to get the highest open rates
  • Looks at your customers’ activity in engaging with your emails to construct a customer behavior analysis you can use to improve your email marketing campaign
  • Email throttling to ensure deliverability (aka your emails don’t get slammed as spam)


When using with Marketo, the business plan is $450/month, or you can request a custom Enterprise plan.

When using with Hubspot, the business plan starts at $80/month or you can request a custom Enterprise plan as well. Annual plans will save you 20%.

7. Howler AI

ai marketing tools - Howler AI screenshot

This marketing tool is best used for creating targeted campaigns for press releases.

It goes through a large database of approximately 6,000 journalists and picks out the most relevant ones for your niche, and helps increase your chances of getting their (and their audience’s) attention.


  • AI-empowered tool to help you write the perfect pitch for your press releases
  • Automated PR campaigns save you time and money (you don’t need to look for relevant journalists yourself)
  • Includes two follow-up emails to journalists who haven’t responded to your campaign
  • Complete campaign reports


Price: $8,000 per month

8. Grammarly

ai marketing tools - Grammarly screenshot

Grammarly is best for editing and improving your content, removing typos and grammar mistakes, redundant words, etc.

You can use it while writing your document in Google Docs, Gmail, Word, some social media platforms, and more.


  • Suggests improvements and corrections you can implement
  • Grammar and typo highlighter in different colors (like the Hemingway app)
  • Helps you improve your content while you’re busy writing
  • Integrated with Word, Google Docs, Gmail, social platforms


Free with paid plans at $12 and $15 a month for business. These plans include more extensive grammar and sentence rewrites, tone suggestions, and style guides.

9. MarketMuse

ai marketing tools - MarketMuse screenshot

Marketmuse is a tool best suited to content marketing strategy and planning, for example, your website content.

It's an SEO marketing tool that analyzes your content and shows you what opportunities you’re missing in so you can address those.

It’s a shortcut to auditing your existing website content.


  • Fully AI-powered, able to research a topic before drafting content
  • Helps you find relevant keywords for your content
  • Plan content that your audience is looking for
  • Review and optimize your landing pages, emails, articles, or sales copy


Free with paid plans starting at $149/month.

10. Drift

ai marketing tools - Drift screenshot

If you want to use conversational AI-powered marketing as part of your business growth strategy, Drift provides a way to do this through their customized-your-own AI chatbot tool.


  • AI-powered customer service, interaction, and lead-generation capabilities
  • Gives you a warm, personalized, yet smoothly automated approach to your target audience
  • Helps lighten the load on your support teams
  • The bot can still answer users’ questions that aren’t built into it and/or route them to a contact person


Plans start at $2,500/month.

11. Zapier

ai marketing tools - Zapier screenshot

Zapier is a tool best suited to automating your marketers’ time-intensive tasks, connecting your apps to automated workflows, and helping you turn text conversations into customer data and other useful content.


  • Funnel leads into your digital marketing system automatically
  • Automated text analysis that provides useful, actionable insight from customer interactions
  • Trigger and run automated workflows connected to various apps
  • No coding needed to connect multiple systems and workflows
  • Templates to make setup even easier and faster


Free plan available, with an affordable starter plan at $29.99/month, $73.50/month for pro, and higher tiers for bigger teams and businesses. Annual plans feature a 33% discount.

12. Adverity

ai marketing tools - Adverity screenshot

Adverity is best for putting all of your digital marketing information, campaign data, predictive analytics, etc., into one place and giving you a single-view summary of the most pressing insights you need.


  • Pre-set, code-free templates that make it easy and quick to use
  • Centralizes marketing data from across all your other sources, including campaigns for analysis
  • Save time and money
  • Make better-informed, data-driven decisions
  • Single-page view of your most important digital marketing analytics
  • Built-in data governance all in one place


The starter plan is €500/month, professional is €2,000/month, and there’s also a custom plan option.

13. Surfer SEO

ai marketing tools - Surfer screenshot

Surfer SEO is best for content optimization while you’re busy with content creation, much like Semrush, and helps you create an efficient content marketing strategy.


  • Integrate with Jasper, WordPress, Google Docs, and more
  • Evaluates and rates your content for keyword density, readability, length, header use, and more
  • Marks top-ranking keywords for you
  • Helps you plan a solid content outline
  • In-platform text editor


Their Lite plan starts at $19/month. The plan for small teams is $69/month, whereas the expert plan is $149/month. They also have a Max plan for agencies and big teams at $249/month.

14. Headlime

ai marketing tools - Headlime screenshot

Headlime is a tool best for helping you write excellent landing page content by fairly accurately predicting and completing what you type as you go.

You can also use it for writing a blog post (bonus!), but its main focus is on landing pages with an integrated landing page builder.


  • Predicts and completes your text as you type, helping you write much faster
  • Suggests good headlines/subject lines
  • Optimizes your word count
  • Can write copy in various tones and up to 11 languages
  • Uses over 1,700 proven copy templates to increase speed and on-page conversions
  • Integrated landing page builder


Pricing for individuals is $59/month and the business plan starts at $399/month and up, depending on the size of your marketing team. Both options have a free trial period.

15. Pro Rank Tracker

ai marketing tools - Pro Rank Tracker screenshot

Pro Rank Tracker tracks your SEO rankings in real-time, saving you hours of having to check on your own on Google.

Why do it manually if an AI SEO tool can do it for you instantly and more accurately?


  • Track your ranking reliably anywhere on any device
  • Analyze online views, see data infographics and charts at a glance for more informed decision-making
  • Generate customized, accurate ranking reports to share with potential partners, investors, collaborators, and/or team members


They have a free trial plan, a starter plan from $13.50/month, pro plan from $89/month, and an agency option fro, $180/month. Annual plans include a 20% saving.

16. HubSpot

ai marketing tools - HubSpot screenshot

Hubspot is best for helping you with your content marketing, creation, and planning.

Content creation is a time-consuming task, so Hubspot saves you time as an AI tool to help you create various types of content faster without switching between different writing tools.


  • Draft SEO-optimized outlines (briefs) for your long-form content
  • Write all your various types of content in one place and share from the dashboard
  • A handful of hubs to assist you with your marketing, service provision, CMS management, sales, and operations
  • Plan ad campaigns on various social media platforms
  • Review digital marketing analytics at a glance


Free plan, with a starter plan from $45/month, professional from $800/month, and an enterprise plan from $3,600/month.

17. Jasper

ai marketing tools - Jasper screenshot

Jasper is a popular, top-notch AI tool with many writing features. It can analyze your initial keyword input before generating content for you in your preset tone and style.

It's ridiculously good at helping you jumpstart your copywriting process so you can get on with polishing the content into something usable.


  • Over 11,000 fonts and over 2,500 writing styles
  • User-friendly interface in over 25 languages
  • Long-form content writing assistant
  • Over 50 content generation templates for various types of content
  • Helps optimize your content for SEO


The Creator plan starts at $39/month, the Teams plan at $125/month, and Business pricing can be customized. Annual plans save you 20%.

18. Hemingway app

ai marketing tools - Hemingway screenshot

Human writers remain unique, but tools like the Hemingway app are well-suited for editing your content to ensure readability, clarity, and error-free flow.

Named for the famous author who loved to make every word count, the app points out poor style, such as run-on sentences, passive voice, repetitive words and sentences, and counts your adverb use.


  • Helps you edit your content for clarity and readability
  • Scores the readability of your content to help you reach your intended audience at the right level
  • Easy to use - simply copy and paste your content into the online app
  • Suggests word choice improvements, shortening of sentences, marks errors, and more
  • Paid version includes offline usability


Free. Paid version is a one-time purchase of $19.99 that allows you to use it offline on your desktop. No renewal fees!

19. Algolia

ai marketing tools - Algolia screenshot

Algolia is different from all the others mentioned above because it focuses specifically on helping you create your own search facility.

Algolia is best for use on eCommerce sites that hold large inventories of products/services/varying content.

Help your readers find what they’re looking for superfast, and increase your sales with this tool as a result.


  • The ability to create your own search filter for your eCommerce site
  • AI-powered and relevant search suggestions
  • Improve your site’s digital searchability, thereby increasing click-through and conversion rates


Start with the free plan, and upgrade to the Grow plan at 0.50/month or get custom pricing for the higher-tier Premium and Elevate plans.

The best AI marketing tools for your business NOW

The easiest way to choose from the above is to look at your:

  • Budget
  • Team resources and urgent needs
  • Your marketing strategy for the next six months to a year
  • The most crucial results you need to get from your marketing strategy.

The answers to the above points will help you choose the best AI marketing tool that is the most relevant to your business right now, helping you avoid spending on too many bells and whistles!

Consider your team’s capacity to take on the implementation of new tools, along with setting principles for how they will be used for what, where, when, and why.

Keep it simple, and keep winning!

Heideli Loubser is a wellness and education copywriter and a content marketing strategist helping you grow your business. She is also a solo homeschool blogging mom of two kiddos. When she’s not wielding her powerful pen to help businesses and other parents, she enjoys gardening, painting, caffeine, and dark chocolate in large amounts.