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13 Tips to Become a Top-Notch Content Creator in 2024!

The digital content creator market is crazy-hot right now. Like $104.2 billion hot!

And, nowadays, you don’t need a massive following to conquer content marketing. Niche content creators with small followings are on the rise.

Creating content has never been easier and a content idea can come from just about anywhere.

The key is learning how content creation speaks to your unique audience.

We’re going to give you some tips that will help you do just that.

Ready to hit the ground running? Then let’s begin.

What Is a Content Creator & What Do They Do?

A successful content creator produces educational or entertaining content for a wide range of platforms and channels.

Each piece of content fits into a digital marketing strategy designed to boost the creator’s credibility and ultimately drive sales.

Content can be text, audio, or visual. Email newsletters, audio chats, and live streams are booming.

Some creators sell their own digital products, create online courses or run membership sites. Others collaborate with companies, brands or use a social media strategy to generate revenue.

Newer platforms, like Clubhouse and OnlyFans, allow creators to get paid by their viewers through subscriptions, tips and even crowdfund new projects.

Some content creators work as full-time salaried creators while crafting their own digital content on the side.

But if you want to be a freelance content creator right out of the gate, it will take time to start earning a significant yearly income.

Types of Content

There are many types of content for content creation. Some content creators specialize in one specific type of content while others branch out and create multiple types of content.

Here are some examples:

  • Social media content
  • Podcasts
  • E-newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Video content
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Graphics
  • Films
  • Slide decks
  • Web copy

What Do You Create Content For?

Your content creation serves to build a relationship with your target audience and position you as an expert in your niche.

Over time, a good content marketing strategy helps to build brand awareness for you or your company. And you’ll engage with prospects you would never have reached otherwise.


You can launch your content creation business with a simple website.

As a content writer, the quality content you create for your website should be informative, easy to understand, and get to the point of what you’re brand has to offer potential customers.

Website content is all about the user experience.


Blogging is a skill anyone can learn and is a popular form of digital content creation. (You are reading this, after all.)

Like great content created for a website, a blog post should be entertaining, inspiring, and informative.

Social Media

Successful content creators say the social media platforms they make the most money from are TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Most social media content writing is 50 words or less, and the whole purpose is to start a conversation with your followers.

You can:

Visual content creators may want to start a marketing campaign with a YouTube channel.

Social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite have marketing automation features so you can schedule your posts in advance.

How to Become a Top-Notch Content Creator

1. Keep current like every day current

The best content creators stay on top of industry trends. Every. Single. Day.

And it’s not enough just to browse you need to devour content relevant to you and your target audience.

Set up Google alerts for digital media to stay on top of niche trends. Network with industry leaders on social media. Read relevant trade publications.

2. Know what you want

Creating a good content strategy is a waste of time unless you know its goal. Start with a broad goal.

  • Get more traffic
  • Create brand awareness
  • Educate audience
  • Build credibility/trust
  • Nurture subscribers, audiences, leads
  • Build loyalty with existing clients/customers

After you’ve chosen a primary goal, drill down to a specific goal. For instance, “increase traffic to my website by 10% in 90 days.”

3. Know your audience inside and out

A social media content creator finds out where their audience hangs out and becomes a member of the community. Leave no social platform unturned. Stalk your target audience on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Take part in discussions. Add a useful comment on a social media post. Don’t ask for anything in return.

Schedule time regularly to watch and learn. You’ll find out exactly what your prospect wants to know.

4. And give them what they want

Before you create any piece of content, ask yourself this question: What will the reader know how to do or be better at after consuming it?

Don’t overlook letting your prospects help you create engaging content.

  • Analyze customer data from the sales team
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Interview an expert in your field
  • Repurpose internal documents into infographics
  • Run a contest on social media

5. Engage with good content

Commenting, retweeting, and sharing gets you noticed. Give sincere compliments without going overboard.

The best comments are specific. Tell the creator how the content changed your outlook or motivated you to do something.

Ask a quick question or add a detail that wasn’t covered. Promise to share their content on a social media platform and follow through.

6. Know who you are and use it

A strong writing voice will strengthen your brand.

Here’s how to start finding your voice. Think of three adjectives to describe your personality. Are you friendly? Diplomatic? Witty?

Jot down what blogs, books, and articles you enjoy reading. Pinpoint why you admire them.

Ask other people what they think you sound like, and take note of their answers.

Be patient. Your voice will evolve over time.

7. Flex those muscles writing muscles that is

If you’re serious about becoming a good content creator, you must create daily.

Experts from many content writing companies like TrustMyPaper recommend picking the time of day that works best for you.

Shut down distractions. Start small. Writing even a couple hundred words a day adds up fast.

When you write every day, you have to think from different perspectives, then crystallize your thoughts. Getting content ideas becomes easier.

In turn, you build an audience that’s interested in what you have to say.

8. Write with SEO in mind

You should always create content with an eye toward search engine optimization(SEO).

Your audience research will reveal the actual words your prospects use while searching for information.

A good keyword has lots of searches and few people trying to rank for it.

For each piece of content, pick one primary keyword. If you’re writing an entire website, pick three or four keywords.

SEO marketing tools such as Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere are budget-friendly keyword research tools. If you do have the budget, Ahrefs is well worth it.

Sprinkle keywords naturally throughout your content. Google penalizes keyword stuffing.

9. Track your KPIs

Google Analytics is a free service for websites that tracks KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

It allows you to see invaluable information about your website visitors, including:

  • Where they came from
  • Which keywords and phrases they use to find your site
  • Which pages they like best
  • Where they exit

If social media is part of your content marketing strategy, you can use social media analytics to track your social metrics.

10. Network your butt off

Does the thought of networking make you nervous? Get over it.

Try local business networking groups like:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Network International

Before you attend the event, decide who you’d like to meet. Find out what type of content they create.

While speaking with them, ask what’s working best and if there’s anything they need.

And never stop digital networking online. Look for chats on Zoom meetings. Use the conference hashtag on social media.

Just get out there!

11. Promote your content through advertising

Any content format can be part of an advertising marketing campaign.

For instance, you might write a white paper that focuses on a specific industry problem.

You can also go the paid advertising route. Distribution channels include:

  • PPC campaigns
  • Sponsored placements
  • Paid social

Facebook is an advertising powerhouse. Users can create paid ads based on demographics, location, or specific interest categories.

12. Don’t wait for the work to come to you

Proactive pitching is much more lucrative than applying for online jobs.

Before you send a pitch, thoroughly research your prospect. Study their website.

Never point out shortcomings. Instead, make useful, targeted suggestions. Explain in your pitch why you’re the best writer for them.

Approach companies with at least 50 employees. Try national nonprofits with bigger budgets.

Writing experts recommend pitching daily, then choosing the best offers.

13. Above all, don’t give up

When you feel like giving up, think about why you started in the first place a chance to use your creativity to make a great living.

And you don’t need to try to become a content creator on your own. Get to know great content creators and learn from their mistakes.

Local and online groups are both excellent options. Try Twitter chats. Celebrate your smallest victories with others.

Improving the Lives of Others as a Content Creator

You can dive in right now as long as you have a computer, an Internet connection, and the desire.

As a content creator, you’ll get to do something you enjoy while helping others improve their lives.

So pick a topic that interests you, and start creating.

Your tribe is waiting for you.

Patricia Saya is a Smart Blogger Certified Content Marketer and AWAI trained Copywriter who writes well-researched SEO content and copy. A verified Case Study Specialist, she helps businesses grow with distinctive customer stories.  Connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website at