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33 Content Marketing Platforms for 2024 (+ Key Features!)

Are you a content marketer looking for the best content marketing platform for 2023?

Content marketing requires you to keep a lot of spinning plates in the air.

So when you find tools that make your job a little easier, those tools are worth their weight in gold!

We've put together a list of the top content marketing platforms and their key features so you can pick the tools that'll work best for your business.

Let's take a look. πŸ‘€

What Is Content Marketing?

Successful content marketing creates and distributes valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

Your content production should attract new customers or clients to your business.

But it can also educate current customers about your digital products and services and how they help solve your customer's problems.

The right content also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field, which leads to increased customer loyalty and business growth.

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an umbrella term for a variety of content types.

A content creator creates long-form, text-based content like blog posts, white papers, eBooks, tutorials, or case studies.

Audio content would include podcasts, audio recordings from presentations, keynotes, speeches, voice messages, or audio texts you send via social media.

Visual content is video-based, like YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, TikToks, Facebook Lives, or other streaming videos.

Social media content is also content marketing. All of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are content.

Email marketing is content marketing. The emails in your welcome sequence, the scheduled broadcast emails, the sales funnel emails, and the product launch emails are all part of your content marketing.

Even user-generated content is a type of content marketing. You can repost and share your customers' and fans' posts about your products or services on social media.

Key Features of a Content Marketing Platform

Content marketing platforms provide a wide range of features that help you plan, create, and distribute your content.

They also offer insights into the performance of your content and how it's being consumed.

Here are some of the key features to look for when choosing a content marketing platform.

  • Planning: you want a content marketing platform that will help you with your long-term content marketing strategy as well as your short-term planning needs.
  • Creation: You want a content marketing platform that works for everyone on your team to create content, from your copywriters to your social media managers.
  • Distribution: your content marketing platform should integrate with your social media, your email service provider, and the other content marketing tools you use.
  • Analytics: your content marketing platform should provide you with the content marketing analytics you need to evaluate your marketing efforts.

Top Content Marketing Platforms

Let's look at some of the top content marketing platforms.

1. Hubspot

content marketing platform - HubSpot screenshot

Hubspot is CRM software for your sales, marketing, content, and customer service needs.

Hubspot integrates with standard tools like Calendly, Salesforce, and more.

Their Marketing Hubβ„’ helps you personalize and automate your content marketing.

Write and host your blog posts on Hubspot or use WordPress integration.

You can also manage and post to all your social media channels from one location.

2. RockContent (formerly ScribbleLive)

content marketing platform - RockContent screenshot

RockContent is a marketing platform trusted by brands like IBM, Lancome, and Reuters.

If you need to outsource your white papers, eBooks, or blog posts, RockContent has a network of vetted writers, graphic designers, and content strategists who can help.

They can also host and manage your WordPress website, leaving you free to deal with other aspects of your business.

3. Kapost

content marketing platform - Kapost screenshot

Kapost is an Upland Software product and digital marketing system.

With Kapost, you can create content that engages your customer where they're at in their buyer's journey.

While Kapost's integrations aren't as robust as Hubspot's, they integrate with the most popular tools like Salesforce and WordPress.

4. SnapApp

content marketing platform - SnapApp screenshot

SnapApp identifies where customers are in the customer journey and pre-qualify leads for your sales department.

With SnapApp, you can build interactive content like quizzes that help you pinpoint buyer intent.

Customers' answers to the quizzes you create direct them to the most relevant information to their needs.

And real-time marketing analytics show you which digital marketing campaigns give you the best results.

5. SE Ranking

content marketing platform - SE Ranking screenshot

The SE Ranking platform is a comprehensive SEO toolkit for automating every major SEO task, including creating quality content optimized for search engines.

The AI-powered Content Marketing toolkit features a Content Editor that generates optimized SEO briefs based on deep SERP analysis and an in-built Content Score metric that evaluates content quality and relevance. 

With AI Writer, users can generate separate paragraphs, headings, FAQs, etc., expand and rephrase existing content pieces, or even pass the whole writing work to AI and generate an entire article in one click. 

The toolkit integrates well with other SE Ranking core SEO tools to manage the entire content creation lifecycle, and get even more insights on creating SERP-winning content.

6. Brand24

content marketing platform - Brand24 screenshot

If you want to know what others are saying about your brand or business, you need the media monitoring tool Brand24.

Brand24 tracks brand mentions across social media, news sites, blogs, forums, podcasts, and more.

When you know what potential customers think and say about your business, you can make changes to improve brand awareness and customer retention.

Media monitoring also helps you measure and track your public relations campaigns and get ahead of potential problems before they escalate.

7. Prezi

content marketing platform - Prezi screenshot

If you use videos in your content marketing campaign, check out Prezi.

Prezi's suite of presentation software and online presentation tools helps you create dynamic video content that captures and holds viewers' attention.

You can use Prezi for recorded content, live streaming, sales presentations, or virtual events.

Use Prezi's design templates to get started and customize your presentation with the drag-and-drop builder.

8. Copify

content marketing platform - Copify screenshot

Copify is a copywriting agency that can help you with your content writing needs.

Outsourcing your content creation can free up your time for other aspects of your business.

But you may not need a full-time copywriter on staff. And finding and hiring a freelance writer takes time.

They'll handle as much of your content creation as you wish.

Copify's network of qualified, experienced writers can write your blog posts, emails, press releases, website copy, and more.

9. Zerys

content marketing platform - Zerys screenshot

Zerys is a content platform where you can plan your content.

When you've decided on details for a content piece, you can assign it to one of your in-house writers or look to Zerys to find a freelance writer who will take on the project.

Add photos via Zerys partnership with Shutterstock when your content piece is written.

Then you're ready to publish your post and share it on social media.

Zerys also offers managed content services for those who'd like to be hands-off with their content.

10. CoSchedule

content marketing platform - CoSchedule screenshot

CoSchedule is a blog post and social media platform home of the famous headline-analyzing tool.

Using their Marketing Suite, you can coordinate your content so your marketing team saves time.

The Marketing Suite consists of a calendar organizer, a content organizer, a work organizer, and an asset organizer.

The four tools work together to keep your marketing team in sync.

11. GetSocial

content marketing platform - GetSocial screenshot

GetSocial is a social analytics platform that tracks your content shared via dark social.

Sometimes readers share your content via private messages or email, and those shares are hard to track because the links don't have sharing codes.

And if you're not following those content pieces, you don't have an accurate picture of how they're performing.

With GetSocial, you can accurately measure how your content is being shared and what content is driving traffic to your website.

12. SEMRush

content marketing platform - SEMRush screenshot

SEMRush is one of the most robust tools you can have in your digital marketing toolbox.

It's all-in-one content marketing software to help you research and create original content.

You can schedule and monitor your social media posts or track and optimize your social media ads.

Find long-tail keywords or search engine keyword gaps with the gap analysis tool.

And use the market analysis tools to see what's trending in your industry.

13. Promoboxx

content marketing platform - Promoboxx screenshot

If you're a brand that works with retailers, you might have noticed retailers sometimes struggle to connect with customers.

They often miss opportunities to promote the products you sell through them, and Promoboxx helps you overcome that obstacle.

With Promoboxx, you can create custom (and approved) social media content for your retailers to share with their customers.

When retailers promote this organic content, sales increase for them and you.

14. Curata

content marketing platform - Curata screenshot

Curata is a content curation tool that helps you find content worthy of sharing.

As a marketer, you understand that sometimes creating digital content from scratch is tough.

Content curation is a way to stretch your resources when you need something to post for your audience.

Add your own thoughts and images for original context, and you have new posts you can share via social media or email.

15. SendPulse

content marketing platform - SendPulse screenshot

SendPulse is a marketing automation service that helps you use email, chatbots, text messages, and push notifications to stay in contact with your potential and current customers.

They also offer tools like landing pages, email templates, a customer relationship manager, marketing segmentation, personalization, A/B testing, reports, and analytics.

With SendPulse, you always know what's working for your projects.

16. ProofHub

content marketing platform - ProofHub screenshot

ProofHub is a centralized work management platform for your team to create, edit, collaborate, and share content across teams and with clients.

You can streamline your content creation process with customized workflows, content calendars, tasklist, and content request forms.

Content creators can use Kanban boards to create custom workflows and clearly understand the current stage of tasks.

ProofHub integrates with Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive, which helps users to create, upload, organize, and collaborate on all their content work in one place.

17. Outbrain

content marketing platform - Outbrain screenshot

Outbrain handles the native ads you see on websites like The Washington Post, The Guardian, or BBC.

Maybe you're a publisher who wants to monetize your site by selling ad space.

Or perhaps you have a product-based business and want new audiences to see your products via ads.

Either way, native ads are a good method for monetizing or selling your product.

They're less intrusive than display ads and create an 18% increase in purchasing intent.

Outbrain can help you find the right buyer persona for your content.

18. SparkToro

content marketing platform - SparkToro screenshot

If you want to know where your target audience is hanging out, SparkToro is the content marketing software you want to use.

​​SparkToro uses aggregated insights to help you find the influencers, social media channels, and websites where your audience is spending time.

That way, you can take your message directly to them. It's an alternative to the standard Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

19. BuzzSumo

content marketing platform - BuzzSumo screenshot

BuzzSumo is a content marketing platform used by digital marketers like HubSpot and Ogilvy to understand what content captures attention and what content gets overlooked.

With BuzzSumo, you find new content ideas, keywords, influencer marketing, and trending topics.

In addition, you can use BuzzSumo to monitor social shares, PR campaigns, brand reputation, competitor analysis, and more.

20. Textbroker

content marketing platform - Textbroker screenshot

Creating content is hard work, and sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to write everything you need to write. Using a content writing agency might be the answer.

Textbroker is a content writing service. You can search for and hire writers for each of your writing projects. Or you can outsource all of your content creation to Textbroker, and they will manage everything for you.

21. StoryChief

content marketing platform - StoryChief screenshot

StoryChief is a content marketing platform built for B2B marketing teams. They're your one-stop platform for content distribution, content planning, and content creation.

With StoryChief, you can manage your content calendar, post your content to your social channels, collaborate with team members, and get SEO copywriting suggestions. You can even track your analytics to create reports with real-time information.


content marketing platform - screenshot is a cloud-based work operating system for businesses. This robust content marketing tool can be used for project management, customer relationship management, software development, and other projects. is flexible enough to be used for any workflow you throw at it. Users like its intuitive interface and the vast number of customizable features. And offers 24/7 support and a robust learning center so you can make the most of this tool.

23. ContentCal

content marketing platform - ContentCal screenshot

ContentCal is a social media marketing and content planning platform.

A handy feature they offer is the web clipper.

If something on the internet inspires you, you can save it to your library and refer to it later when you're planning and writing your content.

And if you work with clients who need to vet your work before it's published, ContentCal makes it easy for the client to see and approve every piece you create.

24. MeetEdgar

content marketing platform - MeetEdgar screenshot

MeetEdgar is a popular social media scheduling tool. This female-founded tool works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

For days when you have writer's block and can't think of anything to write, Meet Edgar comes to the rescue.

Just enter the URL of your latest blog post, and Meet Edgar will scan the post and pull out publish-worthy social media text for you.

And if you forget to schedule new social content, Meet Edgar will re-share older posts, so your account always stays active.

25. Contently

content marketing platform - Contently screenshot

Contently is a content marketing platform with three ways to help you with your content marketing strategy.

First, they offer a platform to plan and create your content and monitor the results.

Second, if you don't have a content strategy or need help crafting one, Contently will work with you to build a plan that works for your business.

Last, suppose you have a content strategy but need writers or designers to carry it out.

In that case, Contently can connect you with their network of creatives who can produce your desired content.

26. Hemingway Editor

content marketing platform - Hemingway Editor screenshot

Hemingway Editor is an editing app that will help you create clear, concise content.

Simply copy and paste your text into the Hemingway app, and the editor will point out sentences that are too long, adverbs or flabby phrases, and passages with passive voice.

When you fix these grammar issues, your writing will resonate more with your audience.

27. Acrolinx

content marketing platform - Acrolinx screenshot

When working with multiple content creators, your content voice must stay consistent.

Acrolinx is AI content marketing software that evaluates your content to match your branding standards and guidelines.

Simply decide on your brand guidelines.

Then, create the standards you want your writers to match for each piece of quality content.

An AI analyzer evaluates the finished content to see how it measures up so you can make any changes.

28. PathFactory

content marketing platform - PathFactory screenshot

PathFactory allows you to create personalized content tracks on your website.

This method reduces buyer friction by showing users content relevant to their real-time interests instead of content that doesn't apply to them.

For example, salespeople won't need to sift through the content you created for marketers.

They'll only see content useful to their role as a salesperson.

29. ClearVoice

content marketing platform - ClearVoice screenshot

ClearVoice is a content agency with a managed content delivery service and a partner program for content creation.

Turn over all your content marketing needs to ClearVoice, and they'll handle everything from your content marketing strategy to creation.

Or work directly with their network of freelancers to meet your content management needs.

You can be as involved or as hands-off as you wish in your content marketing strategy.

30. Mailchimp

content marketing platform - Mailchimp screenshot

When people hear the name Mailchimp, they usually think of email marketing. But Mailchimp has expanded to offer so much more.

With Mailchimp, you can build websites, run an eCommerce store, or schedule appointments with clients.

You can write and publish your social media posts and create retargeting ads with the marketing platform.

They even have a new AI tool called Creative Assistant to help you design your marketing assets.

31. Seismic (formerly Percolate)

content marketing platform - Seismic screenshot

Sometimes customers need more information before they're ready to sign on the dotted line.

And sales teams often run into the problem of not having that information handy.

Seismic is a way for your marketing and sales teams to collaborate and work together to eliminate that problem.

With Seismic, your sales team can access and use the content your marketing department created.

This way, the customer gets all the information they need to make a buying decision.

32. OneSpot

content marketing platform - OneSpot screenshot

Another option for micro-targeting your website's visitors to offer them personalized content is OneSpot.

You usually use segmentation to show web visitors relevant content.

But setting up the automations can be time-consuming and complex.

With OneSpot, you simply add a code snippet to each page, and AI handles the rest. Your readers receive the hyper-relevant content they need.

33. ContentStudio

content marketing platform - ContentStudio screenshot

ContentStudio is a content marketing platform and social media management tool.

Use ContentStudio to find high-performing content to curate and share with your audience.

You can also plan and write all your content while collaborating with your team members.

Or set up automated campaigns with the ContentStudio automation recipes and use their detailed analytics reports to evaluate the tweaks you need to make to your content strategy.

Which Content Marketing Platforms Will You Use?

There are many options for choosing the best content marketing platforms for your content marketing process.

The never-ending stream of possibilities might be a little daunting.

But with our extensive list as a guide, you can mix and match the platforms that work best for your content marketing strategy.

All of these great content marketing tools offer features and benefits that streamline and uplevel your content marketing efforts.

The only question left is: which platforms will you choose to use?

Jennifer Ayling is a prize-winning SEO website copywriter. She specializes in helping business owners get their thoughts and ideas out of their heads and onto their websites.