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22 Social Listening Tools for Monitoring Brand Mentions in 2024

Social listening is crucial for successful digital marketing, so naturally, you need a list of social listening tools to make it easy for you.

Obvi, you’ve come to the right place. 😉

Using social listening tools to monitor feedback, brand mentions, and any sentiment around your brand or product is the best way forward.

It lets you detect underlying opportunities and possible threats that may jeopardize your brand health.

Keep reading for an overview of the best social listening tools on the market.

What Is Social Listening?

Social listening is a technology that identifies specific conversations on social media, blogs, forums, or anywhere on the web.

Social listening means looking beyond just your organization, for example, to an industry, and analyzing the information found to gather new insights.

Monitor and respond to feedback on your brand’s social profile, listen to the tone of voice, analyze trends and sentiments, and much more.

Having a social listening strategy is a crucial marketing element, so let’s take a look at the best tools to help you do just that!

Social Listening Tools

☝️Princing plans are listed at their monthly rates unless otherwise noted. Most offer a discount if you pay annually. 😉

1. Awario

social listening tools - Awario screenshot

Awario is on a mission to make social listening affordable for businesses of any size.

In addition to brand awareness management, Awario’s software includes various platforms to run market research, competition and audience analysis, and social selling.

Awario is a synonym for non-stop social monitoring and influencer marketing.


  • Boolean search included in all pricing plans
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social listening API
  • Non-stop media monitoring for any mentions of your keywords

Best for

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, News, blogs, and forums.


  • Starter: $49/mo
  • Pro: $149/mo
  • Enterprise: $399/mo

2. Mentionlytics

social listening tools - Mentionlytics screenshot

Mentionlytics prides itself on offering not only intelligent social media monitoring tools but also social media scheduling & publishing, making it a complete social media platform.

Next to media monitoring, they newly introduced review monitoring, which tracks all major review sites


  • View social and web mentions, filtered by sentiment (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Accurately translate your social mention via the new ‘Mention Translate’ function
  • Tracking of all major review sources, including Tripadvisor,, and Google reviews

Best for

Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and online news and blogs.


  • Basic: $49/mo
  • Essential: $139/mo
  • Advanced: $249/mo
  • Pro: $399/mo
  • Agency/Enterprise: custom pricing


social listening tools - screenshot's core business is complete online review management and marketing.

Reviews are crucial in the world of purchase decisions. The ‘review funnel’ removes any friction from writing reviews.


  • Integrations include Google Sheets, MailChimp, Hubspot, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Zappier
  • Boost your social proof by automatically sharing your reviews on social media channels
  • Website review stream widget to showcase reviews and directly collect testimonials right on your website

Best for covers most major review sites—over a hundred sites are continuously monitored.


  • Solo: $110/mo
  • Professional: $180/mo
  • Agency: $400/mo
  • Partner: $2500/mo

4. Fedica (formerly Tweepsmap)

social listening tools - Fedica screenshot

Fedica is an AI-driven Twitter analytics and management tool.

Their all-in-one dashboard gives you insight into trending topics among your followers and lets you stay on top of your engagement metrics.


  • Automated social media post scheduler with RSS feed posting support
  • Build segmented content streams based on geography and content type
  • Hashtag/keyword discovery reports with tweet breakdown, time of mentions, and tweet transcript

Best for

Tweepsmap is all about Twitter activity.


  • Free: $0/mo
  • Publish: $15/mo
  • Grow: $29/mo
  • Research: $129/mo
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

5. BuzzSumo

social listening tools - BuzzSumo screenshot

Buzzsumo is a well-known, powerful platform that monitors your competitors, brand mentions, and industry updates.

Create alerts for the topics, brands, and keywords that impact your business.


  • Monitor journalists, influencers, and influential blogs so that you can speed up your digital engagement with their content
  • Use the chrome extension to browse competitor’s content and examine key success metrics in seconds
  • Pinpoint your most popular posts across the various channels

Best for

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Reddit


  • Content Creation: $199/month
  • PR & Comms: $299/month
  • Suite: $499/month
  • Enterprise: $999/month

6. Tailwind

social listening tools - Tailwind screenshot

Specializing in Pinterest and Instagram marketing, Tailwind helps small businesses make their social media monitoring life easy, effective, and efficient.

Their multi-channel marketing is beneficial to those with limited time and resources.


  • Automatically generate hundreds of posts, optimized for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Personalized brand styles
  • Schedule all social media posts for a week ahead
  • Schedule pins and posts at the best times for optimal social media engagement

Best for

Pinterest and Facebook


  • Free: $0/month
  • Pro: $24.99/month
  • Advanced: $49.99/month
  • Max: $99.99/month

7. BrandMentions

social listening tools - BrandMentions screenshot

BrandMention believes that analyzing your competitors’ strategies should be part of your growth strategy.

And spying on your competitors is what their platform does best.


  • Real-time social media mentions search & analysis
  • Hashtag analytics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Sentiment analysis to sort negative mentions from the positive ones
  • 24/7 customer feedback alerts

Best for

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • Growing business: $99/mo (billed quarterly)
  • Company: $299/mo
  • Enterprise/Agency: $499/mo

8. Mention

social listening tools - Mention screenshot

Mention enables you to monitor the web, listen to your target audience, and manage your social media.

It is also a tool to help you pilot your social channels and organize your content in a multi-channel editorial calendar.


  • Analyze and compare trends by filtering key conversations
  • Spike emails whenever there’s a peak of mentions
  • Advanced Research lets you filter the noise and focus on what matters
  • Bundle the information so you can view key metrics and get qualitative insight into your social media

Best for

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the web.


  • Solo: $ 49/mo
  • Pro: $99/mo
  • ProPlus: $179/mo
  • Company: custom pricing

9. Emplifi

social listening tools - Emplifi screenshot

Emplifi is a much-awarded CX platform with an impressive clientele. Think of Delta Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Domino’s, Bath & Body Work, Miele, and the MLS.

They offer Social Marketing Cloud, Social Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud in one powerful and intuitive platform.


Best for

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.


  • Custom pricing

10. Buffer

social listening tools - Buffer screenshot

If you never want to miss an (unanswered) comment and easily create replies across your social networks, Buffer could become your new best friend.

‘Listen’ to what our audience is saying and interact via your dashboard. Easy as that!


  • Plan and publish your social media content for all major platforms, all from a straightforward dashboard
  • An intuitive marketing analytics dashboard for social media analytics and reporting
  • Reply to comment from your desktop

Best for

Compatible with most major channels, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Shopify, TikTok, Twitter, and more.


  • Free: $0/month
  • Essentials: $6/month
  • Team: $12/month
  • Agency: $120/month

11. Brand24

social listening tools - Brand 24 screenshot

Rather than a general marketing tool offering social listening, Brand24 was set up as a smart social media monitoring tool. It’s their core business.

Brand24 is an affordable tool to protect your online reputation.


  • Discussion volume chart that identifies sudden changes in the discussion volume
  • Spot problematic areas which need immediate attention with Sentiment Analysis
  • Turn your data into automated PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics
  • Slack integration

Best for

All major social media platforms are covered, plus blogs, forums, Quora, Medium, and more.


  • Individual: $99/mo
  • Team: $179/mo
  • Pro: $249/mo
  • Enterprise: $499/mo

12. YouScan

social listening tools - YouScan screenshot

According to YouScan, visual insights is the next-generation social listening. And their AI-powered image recognition should do the trick.

YouScan gives you access to 500+ billion historical conversations, so you never need to miss a thing about your brand. Brand monitoring at its best.


  • AI-powered marketing segmentation automatically sorts mentions by categories, subjects, and trends
  • Sentiment analysis to know your customer’s attitudes towards different aspects of your product or service, with 95% sentiment detection accuracy
  • Customizable reporting; generate PDF or XLS reports, or use an API to export analytical data
  • Instant insights about trends and conversation drivers in brand-related discussions

Best for

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok,


  • Starter 3: $299/mo (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Plans: custom pricing

13. Brandwatch

social listening tools - Brandwatch screenshot

Being named a Leader in the Q4/2020 Forrester Wave report indicates that Brandwatch is a social media listening tool player one can’t ignore.


  • Accurate sentiment and emotion analysis
  • Predict and surface unknown topics with proprietary AI
  • Core listening platform with clear visual navigation
  • Customizable alerts based on new mentions and thresholds

Best for

Brandwatch has excellent coverage of most mainstream networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


  • Custom pricing

14. Oktopost

social listening tools - Octopost screenshot

Oktopost is a complete B2B social media management platform.

Plan and schedule posts and social media campaigns, analyze their impact, and engage with your customers all in one place.

Within minutes, you can build a custom dashboard for a 360-degree view of your social performance, audience, ROI, and more.


  • Sentiment and context analysis
  • Competitor tracking and benchmarking
  • Track reach and sentiment for top influencers from your industry
  • Direct integrations with Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua, Hubspot, Google Analytics, and more

Best for

Supported platforms include all major social media.


  • Custom pricing

15. Iconosquare

social listening tools - Iconosquare screenshot

Iconosquare helps you set your social media to autopilot.

It covers analytics, reporting, scheduled publishing, social conversations, and listening to your audience.

Listening to their customers, Iconosquare developed and added the newest addition to their toolbox: Instagram Reels analytics!


  • Dashboard with easy-to-read graphics that display your performance
  • Automate social media reports
  • Plan and publish social media content in one place
  • Extensive brand monitoring
  • Keep a close eye on competitor’s performance

Best for

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.


  • Single: $15/mo
  • Teams: $99/mo
  • Custom: custom pricing

16. Agorapulse

social listening tools - Agorapulse screenshot

Be a fly on the wall and use Agorapulse’s social media monitoring tool to listen in on social conversations about your brand and competitors.

It lets you respond quickly via retweets, replies, DM’s, and more.


  • Use Youtube and Twitter search parameters to focus on what’s important
  • Label important posts, competitor activity, and customers feedback for easy retrieval and response
  • Capture Instagram mentions, shoutouts, and UGC without delay
  • Stay on top of the chatter while on the go via their mobile app

Best for

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube


  • Standard: $69/mo
  • Professional: $99/mo
  • Advanced: $149/mo
  • Custom: custom pricing

17. Keyhole

social listening tools - Keyhole screenshot

Keyhole offers a social listening & brand monitoring platform and reporting tool, already used by many brands, which include l’Oréal, Reuters, Billboard, and Smithsonian Institution, to name a few.


  • Using QuickTrends to identify industry trends and opportunities
  • Account recommendations to increase followers and convert more leads
  • Influencer analytics to identify your most influential brand advocates for partnerships
  • Accurately track hashtags across multiple social networks in a single dashboard

Best for

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram


  • Individual: $79/mo
  • Team: $149/mo
  • Pro: $249/mo
  • Advanced: $499/mo

18. Sprout Social

social listening tools - Sprout Social screenshot

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management solution.

Their expertise includes superior social marketing, customer service, data analysis, social listening, and employee advocacy.

Sprout Social’s social listening suite includes sentiment tracking to monitor brand health based on positive or negative social mentions.


Best for

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and the web.


  • Standard:$249/month
  • Professional: $399/month
  • Advanced: $499/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

19. Talkwalker

social listening tools - Talkwalker screenshot

Talkwalker is an enterprise-level social intelligence tool, diving deep to uncover and understand valuable insight from gathered social data.

Their powerful AI Engine covers image recognition to find hidden mentions, and sentiment analysis to put social mentions into context.

Talkwalker was recognized as a Leader by global research and advisory firm Forrester.


  • Monitor results in real-time and get instant access to up to five years of historic data
  • Advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis
  • Monitor over 60m new videos every day for critical brand mentions
  • Build a customized dashboard to share actionable insights with your team
  • Integration of Social Intelligence directly into your existing social media management

Best for

All major social networks, blogs, and news sites.


  • Custom pricing

20. Digimind

social listening tools - Digimind screenshot

Digimind is an experienced, long-standing Global player in unraveling anything web related.

Their technology covers natural language processing, sentiment analysis, smart auto-classification, visual listening, and global scalability.

Digimind is an all-in-one solution for research, data collection, analysis, and reporting.


  • Analyze and benchmark social accounts simultaneously with Social Analytics
  • Monitor brand image based on Google search behavior
  • Generate reports in pre-designed templates with a few simple clicks
  • Geolocalization and automatic sentiment detection

Best for

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, blogs, and the web.


  • Custom pricing

21. Hootsuite

social listening tools - Hootsuite screenshot

This is one that needs only a little introduction. Hootsuite is one of the industry leaders when it comes to social media management.

They’re a reliable, trustworthy partner already for over a decade.

Publish and schedule your content, engage customers, monitor activities, advertise content, and analyze results; Hootsuite's got your back!


  • Custom streams to zoom in on essential topics, trends, and social profiles
  • Instant analysis of millions of real-time conversations happening online
  • Alerts to be notified of any unusual spikes in volume or brand sentiment
  • Track brand sentiment with intuitive analytics

Best for

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok


  • Professional: $99/month (billed annually)
  • Team: $249/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

22. Hubspot

social listening tools - HubSpot screenshot

Hubspot is an all-around social media management software platform with various time-saving tools to help you prioritize your social interactions.

From publishing content to building campaigns to setting up SEO keyword monitoring, to creating reports on your social media marketing ROI, all from one central location.


Best for

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


  • Professional: $890/month
  • Enterprise: $3600/month (billed annually)

Listen to Understand!

I hear what you’re saying”......

Sounds familiar?

But is hearing the same as listening?

It isn’t.

This is where a social listening tool comes into play. They listen in-depth and give you detailed info on what your audience is saying.

Pick your favorite from the list, and never miss an important social media conversation anymore!

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